05 December 2007

Iran's rush For Nukes.

OOPS! That was bullsh*t! The newest NIE states that with high confidence they can say that Iran stop the pursuit of a nuke weapon in 2003. Ok, that is good news, but not for Bush. What can he say after predicting Iran with a nuke would start WWIII? well he says nothing has changed--Iran is still a threat---they are still thinking about a nuke weapon---so now the US is the thought police? They are a threat because onbe day they may consider a nuke weapon...thinking....thinking....I got nothing--this is a dumbass statement.

Now ask yourself this--when did Bush and the Boyz know this? Was it told to them months ago? Like before he made his WWIII statement? Hadley, a Bush spokesman, said that he was pretty sure that it was known a few months ago. Then Bush did know his statement was bullsh*t! That fear card is a very useful tool in politics. Bush sold the idea of a WWIII, like Apple seels an IPod.

Sorry people, but I gotta crap in your chili! How does it feel to be played for a sucker, time after time? You asked for it, you got it! A good f*cking! Be well!


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