30 April 2007


CNN--all the news you can use. So goes the slogan of the network.

My analytical day is over! The major news story is prostitutes serving prostitutes. No sense in even trying to bring about so logic for today.

See you tomorrow--same Bat channel, same Bat time!


Daily Observ ation

Here are your important news stories of the morning.

Baldwin is still an ass!

Anna Nicole is still dead and everyone is looking for the key to the cash box.

Gere is still a pucker!

Bridge damaged in SF and will cause traffic delays. Since I do not live there, I could care less.

The cheesy story of the Washington Madame will not go away. Why?

Oh, yeah! There is still a fire in Ga.

These are the lead stories on CNN--you know the extension of th E! channel.

Apparently, US talking with Iran about Iraq is not news. Or the Israel theft of Pal land for a wall. Or a million protesters in Turkey. Or....shit I am tired...you figure it the F*CK out.


Zero Tolerance

A lovely sentiment. It has become an new "catch" word since the tragedy at Va. Tech. It seems some are calling for this concept to deal with the prob of guns. Well they used it to deal with drugs and that went really well, huh? (Sarcasm intended).

Zero Tolerance is a fascist word, I mean Hitler had a zero tolerance and we see where that went. The use of the term solves NO problems. It is a claim used by whoever, to indicate the formulation of a policy when in reality nothing is solved. Example? Try Drugs! It is a way to give lip sevice to a problem while ignoring it. It is a nonsolution to give the appearance that one is tough on the problem and will do something. All it does is allow the entity to give the impression that something is to be done; while it is ignored.

Anytime you hear the term "zero tolerance" just remeber it is a steaming pile of crap that is used to impress the mindless.


29 April 2007

Environment Revisited

Recenly, the Japanese PM visited his old buddy, Bush and at a press conference Bush stated that the Us would pursue ethanol and Nuke energy, for they were emission friendly. How nice! Nukes! They can be emissions free but what to do with the by-product? Why do the people never mention what the by-product is capabale of and its half life and its storage?

Noticeably missing from his diatribe on the environment is the use of renewable resources like wind and solar. Why is that? Good question, Professor! The answer? (waiting...waiting....)

These resources are not a resource that can be exploited by big business No one would control the manufacturing or the distribution; in essence no one could make big profits by manipulation of the resource.

Now ask yourself, why have the congressmen/women not jumped onto this? They owe their political life to the ones who control the resources. All programs are minor programs and they want to stretch them for 10-20 yrs. Why is that?

If you have an answer--please go for it!


28 April 2007


An Alternative Healthcare Proposal

For years, the most pressing problem that the US faces is that of adequate healthcare for all the American people. Leaders have toyed with the problem, the people have wanted more, presidents have given it tons of lip service, but yet no one has an idea that will work. It either would cost too much money or it would not be politically advantageous or........and the beat goes on. To date there is still no adequate healthcare or a workable plan. My question is--how long will they debate and promise and ......?

I have had a thought on one possible path they could be taken to help the American people with adequate healthcare. And the really good part of it, it will not add much cost to the system that would needed to be funded by more taxes.

But I start I want to make it clear that this plan is for doctors and visists it will not encompass hospitalizationof any kind. The easy part would be the doctor's end of the equation, the hospital part will take a massive plan to fix it. This then is just a small part of the problem, but could be fixed with little increase to the American people.

This is a plan that I sent to my Congressman several years ago and his reply had nothing to do with what I had outlined. In other words, the pig did not read it and some low level gopher sent me a reply to my proposal. Needless to say, I have little use for my congressman, who by the way is still on my dime in Washington.

First let us start with seemingly unrelated problems; the healthcare of the American people and those who default on their student loans. Is there a connection? Well, yeah! One of the worst abusers of non-payment of student loans are those in the medical field; doctors to be more exact.

There have been many plans over the years to try an get the money out of these abusers, but most were a dismal failure. One such plan, the doctor would go where the US needed him/her and work until the loan was paid down. Not bad, but unfortunately, there were always loopholes that allowed the people to escape from this plan.

My proposal is simple, the doctor opens a clinic in Willacuchi, Ga and begins seeing patients. He would then choose a day a week that the poor would be treated. The amount of the visit, supplies and medication that he used that day would be deducted from his loan balance and this would be continued until the entire loan was paid off. NO ESCAPE CLAUSES!

The doctor, no matter what city or town, would not have to give up their private practice or their goals of riches accumulation. The Dept. of Health and Human Services would monitor the transactions, to keep them honest.

This proposal will not eliminate the need for more sweeping changes in the healthcare of Americans, but it woiuld be a start at helping those who cannot afford to visit the doctor on regular basis. Those people who do not have insurance or money enough for doctors appointments. I realize that this is simplistic and if the government gets involved it might become a nightmare, but it is a start

It would not take DHHS long to come up with a satisfactory method of determining who is in need and who is scamming. This would not be that difficult and I say why not give it a try?



27 April 2007

Democratic Debate

Last nite the first in a list of debates began--18 months before the election--it is gonna be a looooooooong campaign season.

It was extremely boring, except for what-his-name from Alaska, he played the part of entertainer. Of than that, it was a yawner. Whwn asked about the vote for the war then against war--NO ONE uses the "L" word--LIES. Why? They seem to say that they made a rational choice at the time. Why not say, the pres was lying and we fell for it?

This is a perfect example of the political games that your reps play.



What Is Isratin?

OK class be seated. The lecture begins!

How many in this class have heard of Qadafi? How about the "Green Book"? ( Waiting while tapping finger tips on desk) OK, enough! Qadafi is the leader of the country of Libya; he came to power in a coup and has been the leader ever since. The "Green Book" was written by Qadafi and is about the proper way to govern the country. There are some valid points in his book and I recommend it to all for an insight into an alternate form of governing the people.

Hopefully, my classes have given a unique perspective to the ME region and the problems faced by the people of the region. In the past there has been a wealth of proposals to find a solution to the Palestine-Israel debate. Plans such as the Arab proposal of 2002, Oslo Acord and the US attempt with the "Roadmap", just to mention a few. All have been a failure or outright dismissed by either party to the conflict. While all sides debate, confront and just plain talk, many have died on both sides of the conflict.

There ws a plan that not many took very seriously. I was offered by Qadafi and/or his son. It was put forth in a document called the "White Book". Basically, it is a plan for a single country, to be called something like Israteen, Isratin. He said that there was no way a 2 state solution would work to bring peace. Why?

1) The land area is too narrow to accommodate two states living side by side.

2) Two states would come into conflict, because the land of each, they believe, forms part of the land of the other, and each statelet would feel threatened by the other party.

3) Neither could absorb Jewish immigrants and Palestinian refugees.

4) Each party has settlements on the land of the other. At least one million Palestinians live in the so-called State of Israel and about half a million Israelis, at least, currently live in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Other sects include the Druze, Catholics, Christians and Muslims. The area provides a model for integration and co-existence.

5) The workers in Israeli factories are Palestinians.

6) Mutual reliance, if not integration, in respect of goods and services.

Here are the reasons it would work.

1) Return of Palestinian refugees and displaced persons to their homes.

2) A single state. Lebanon serves as a good example.

3) Free elections under UN supervision on the first and second occasions.

4) Removal of Weapons of Mass Destruction from the new state and, if any, from the Middle East.

5) Conflict in the Middle East would then end. The new state would be like Lebanon. It would receive recognition and could even accede to the Arab League.

OK , Isratin could bring about peace in the region. Would it last? IMO, it would not, no matter how willing the players are to achieve peace. Why, do I say that? WATER!

With the expansion of population the pull on the resource would become greater and greater, until it was a major problem and when it becomes that the conflict would reignite and with the rebirth of conflict, a civil war would be in the making. Which in turn would see increased deaths, famine, violence and , once again refugees. The cycle would start all over.



26 April 2007

Iraqi News

The Admin has said that the surge has helped a decline in the deaths and violence by 1/3. But yet the figures have not been released by the Iraqi govt. So how can one believe the statements coming from the govt.?

An unnamed general has conceded that democracy is an option, not a solution. Basically, they are saying that they will accept any type of govt that will bring security. I guess the democracy thing is not that important anymore. Huh?

Maliki is swiftly loosing all support, first from his Shi'a buds and now from the admin. I said he would take it in the butt and it appears the sooner more than later.


News UpDate

Here are the major stories from CNN today.

house passes its War Funding bill--yawn!

Pres dances with W. African musical group--please Mr. Pres do not dance in public anymore you look like an idiot.

Trump gives his OK for Rosie tom leave the View.

Male skater cuts face of partner in routine with blade of skate.

McCain's official, official annoncement that his candidcy is official. Yawn!

Auto accident on Indiana interstate.

Fires burn S. Ga.

How is this for important stuff of the day? I may make this a daily thing--to show just how moronic your media is. Now do you feel you have a good grasp on the stories of the day? i am so glad, for you.

25 April 2007

Daily Observation

It is spring and yet another Nicholas Cage movie.

4 yr old boy gets whacked, accidentally, by a football player--he is fine a few stitches but no major damage--but yet it is a major news story.

Beach erosion in Mass. effects wealthy residence--it is a major story also. This effects a handful of wealthy people, but yet it is of major importance to the Am. people.

Baldwin is a jerk--at least Bassinger says so.

Nation wants to fly flags at half mass for the victims of Va, Tech--what about for ALL the victims of Bush?

Cheney is a DICK! Reid is a pussy! And a partridge in a pear tree.

Ok, I have covered the major news stories of the Morning. How many died in Iraq today? How many poor children went without breakfast? How many died in Darfur?

My point is, if you agree with the major stories then you are an idiot. But then I am talking to those who think Reality TV is good viewing and consider wrestling a sport.


A Peace For Palestine

I recently wrote a piece about a peace for the ME--in nthe recent past I have been thinking about why a 2 state solution may not work. these are my reason.

1) The land area is too narrow to accommodate two states living side by side.

2) Two states would come into conflict, because the land of each, they believe, forms part of the land of the other, and each statelet would feel threatened by the other party.

3) Neither could absorb Jewish immigrants and Palestinian refugees.

4) Each party has settlements on the land of the other. At least one million Palestinians live in the so-called State of Israel and about half a million Israelis, at least, currently live in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Other sects include the Druze, Catholics, Christians and Muslims. The area provides a model for integration and co-existence.

5) The workers in Israeli factories are Palestinians.

6) Mutual reliance, if not integration, in respect of goods and services.


You Asked For IT

Last election you asked the Dems to take over control and did you get it? I say NO, we got the same thing we always get--BS.

The Repubs continually attack Dem candidates with they voted for the war and then voted against it. And what do the Dems say? Not much. Why do they not say, "you are correct , we voted for the war based on the lies of this administration and once the truth was known we have tried to end it".

They seldom use this tact--why? The Dems take heat from all sides from the Repubs, they are not fighting back, they instead give us some new slogan to mull over. What game are they playing in Washington? oh sorry--it is politics!

The Dems are no better than the Repubs, for all their worthless promises, that they knew would not fly, but made good campaigning, they are after all--politicians and as such they have accomplished nothing other than fundraising.

You asked for it--you got it--another do nothing group. Too bad the American voter NEVER learns anything.


24 April 2007

A Peace For Palestine

The Two-State Solution: The problems of binationalism

The idea of binationalism - a single state comprising the entire territory of the Mandate of Palestine - is not a new one, but it has been favored by different people at different times. In the 1920s and 1930s, it was popular within certain factions of the Zionist movement; now, it seems to be advocated mainly by pro- Palestinian groups. One of its most avid modern exponents is Moammar Qaddafi, who has advocated combining the Israeli and Palestinian territories into a new country called IsraTeen.

A number of Palestinian intellectuals have lately taken up the call for IsraTeen as a means of slicing through the Gordian knot of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. A binational state would indeed resolve some of the stickiest issues very neatly - sovereignty can be parceled out according to local majorities, Jewish settlers in the West Bank and Gaza can stay where they are, and the holy sites of each religion will be accessible to all. In many ways, binationalism is an attractive option - but, at the present time, I don't think it's a realistic one.

A Dual Dilemma

Binationalist proposals often begin with the argument that a viable Palestinian state is impossible, so the best solution is to combine the two. I discussed that argument in the first article in this series. The prospects of a binational state, however, run up against two other hard facts. First, both Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs have developed very distinct and very strong national identities - and both have done so the hard way. Second, each believes, with some justification, that it needs protection from the other.

The "mutual protection" objection to binationalism is framed most often in terms of Jews' fear of being overwhelmed by a faster- growing Arab population, but it applies to Palestinians as well. In fact, it may be the Palestinians who would be most vulnerable during the formative period of a binational state. At present, Jews still hold a slim advantage in numbers and a much greater advantage in economic power, and a key minority, the Druze, is allied with the Jews rather than the Palestinians. The disparity in economic power will be especially telling during the early years, and if the examples of Germany and South Africa are any guide, they will last at least through the medium term. If IsraTeen were formed today, most major companies and media outlets in 2010 would probably be Jewish-owned, and this would translate into considerable political power.

Assuming that the disparity between Jewish and Arab fertility rates continues, however, the Palestinians will solidify their demographic advantage in the medium to long term - and this is where the fears of the Jewish side kick in. Jews have been a minority in nearly every place they have lived for the past two millennia; there have at times been cities or districts with local Jewish majorities, but never an entire country. The condition of being an available, easily scapegoated minority has, to say the least, often led to uncomfortable situations, and even the periods during which Jews lived congenially with their neighbors often proved temporary. It is thus natural that many Jews equate safety with being a majority in a country of their own. Call it a Jewish pathology if you will, but it will be psychologically very difficult for Israeli Jews to accept the idea of a binational state in which they will, once again, be a minority of the population.

A Unitary State?

Most binationalist proposals recognize and attempt to compensate for these factors. There are exceptions; binationalism is a continuum rather than a monolith, and one end of the continuum is represented by a unitary secular state that essentially transposes the Louisiana constitution to the Middle East. This approach may be appropriate and even optimal in a new society such as the United States, but it is highly questionable in a region where established group identities are much more central and where there is a long history of inter-group conflict.

It is not surprising that many advocates of a unitary binational state are Marxists who believe that ethnic and national identities are artificial constructs that can be reconstructed at will. Ethnic identities are certainly constructs, but they are not artificial; indeed, the fact that they are constructed in large part by the group members themselves makes them very real. This is especially so where the identities in question developed through struggle. Israelis and Palestinians will not so easily discard their identities and embrace a joint IsraTeenian destiny.

Nor would constitutional protections - even strong ones - be sufficient to paper over ethnic conflict in a binational unitary state. Many binationalists argue from the vantage point of the United States, Canada or Western Europe, where constitutionalism is an unquestioned part of civic life and where constitutional guarantees are generally respected. A constitution, however, is only a bulwark against oppression if the means and will exist to enforce it. Without those things - and especially without the will - it is only a piece of paper.

Even in countries where the rule of law is strong, a constitution is not always a guarantee of individual or group rights. My choice of Louisiana as an example above was deliberate; Louisiana is a unitary state whose constitutional history tells the story of political competition between Anglophones and Francophones. For much of the nineteenth century, Louisiana was fully bilingual, but that changed in the twentieth as the anglophone community solidified its majority. In 1915, the state government banned the use of French in public schools, followed the next year by a law making public school attendance mandatory. In 1921, both these provisions were enshrined in the state constitution. It was not until 1974 that the Louisiana constitution again recognized Francophone language rights, and bilingualism in public life remained largely a figleaf until the 1990s.

Louisiana is far from an exact analogy to Israel and Palestine; I'm sure many of you can come up with closer ones. If anything, however, ethnic identities in Louisiana are softer, and the history of group conflict less intense, than in the Middle East. If the Louisiana constitutional system could be manipulated to marginalize an ethnic group, then so could the constitution of IsraTeen.

To be sure, many of the worst fears of what might happen to a Jewish minority in IsraTeen are overblown. It is not possible to vote an ethnic group out of existence. There are many measures short of that, however, that even a democratic society can take to marginalize and ghettoize a disfavored group - and if the constitution gets in the way, it can always be amended or ignored. It may be that Jews and Arabs would live in IsraTeen in a state of mutual respect, but there are no guarantees of that, and there isn't nearly enough mutual trust for either Israelis or Palestinians to enter into a unitary relationship without such guarantees.

A Federal State?

The remainder of the binationalist spectrum attempts, in various ways, to recognize and manage intergroup competition. Further along the continuum, for instance, are proposals for a unitary state with ethnic power-sharing of the type that worked so well in Lebanon. Most modern binationalist proposals, however, involve some form of federalism, with the Mandate of Palestine divided into Jewish and Arab cantons.

Federalist proposals represent a far more serious attempt to combine Israelis and Palestinians into a single state while protecting the interests and aspirations of each national group. There would, after all, still be an Israel and a Palestine in a federal IsraTeen; the two would simply be cantons of a federal state rather than independent countries. Both cantons would be internally autonomous, and the cantonal and federal governments would have rights and powers defined by the constitution.

I'd like to be convinced that a federal state can work. I live in a federal republic myself and I'm convinced that, when properly done, federalism is the best way to combine the economy of scale and freedom of movement advantages of a single nation with autonomy and respect for minorities. Unfortunately, I have yet to see a realistic federalist plan that would be acceptable to Israelis and Palestinians without requiring an unrealistic level of trust.

A federalist state, too, requires trust to work. Federalism within a single nation is at bottom a constitutional system that, like other systems, can be manipulated and abused. To take an extreme example, one of the most progressive federal constitutions of the twentieth century was the constitution of the Soviet Union. During the Soviet era, the Russian federal republic even included a Jewish autonomous area in Birobidzhan, Siberia, which was the only explicitly Jewish political entity other than Israel in modern times. Federalism, however, didn't make the Jews of Birobidzhan notably safer from the depredations of the central government than those of Moscow.

Would a federal IsraTeen be the Soviet Union? Almost certainly not. Even the most benign federal system, however, can succumb to creeping centralism. During the discussion on Aziz' blog, for instance, Aziz cited the early United States as an example of a confederation of sovereign nations. That hasn't been the case, though, since at least the New Deal and probably since the Civil War. Open-ended powers such as the commerce clause lead naturally to a gradual accretion of power toward the center, and - given the many costly tasks that would be necessary to integrate Israel and Palestine, as well as the need to resolve disputes and protect minorities on each side - the federal government of IsraTeen would need to have such powers.

A sufficiently detailed constitution that clearly delimits the powers of all federal units might be enough to defeat creeping centralism. One thing I've noticed, however, is that the more bells and whistles that Israeli-Palestinian federalist plans include to ensure the autonomy of the cantons, the more the cantons resemble two independent states. If binationalist proposals approach the two-state solution more closely as they increase in fairness, then it should follow that the fairest possible realistic solution is one in which Israel and Palestine actually are independent.

There is, moreover, another reason to prefer independence to federalism in the Middle Eastern context. In the modern world, the basic political unit is the nation-state, and nations have certain internationally guaranteed rights - integrity and control of borders, self-defense, control over natural resources - that subnational units don't have. Moreover, given the hold that Westphalian sovereignty still has over international relations, the relationship between a federal republic and its constituent units is considered a purely internal one, and the subnational units have no internationally guaranteed rights as against their own national government. India, a federal democratic republic, can dissolve state legislatures and impose direct central rule without violating any tenet of international law, whereas an attempt to do the same thing to another sovereign state would be a grave breach of the international political order. The rights of national sovereignty are, to be sure, sometimes breached, but their existence acts as a deterrent under many - even most- circumstances. The national sovereignty package will, quite simply, make it easier for Israelis and Palestinians to protect their rights, which in turn will make long-term stability more likely.

The federal plan is not without its advantages. In response to the previous article in this series, Ikram Saeed commented:

So Israel's future is either one where a self-destructing Palestine forces it to reoccupy GZ/WB to preserve its own security, or one where a successful Palestine sends over large numbers of migrant labourers.

Either way, real separation won't happen. Better to try to come up with creative solutions now that allow the people currently living in the region to have physical and economic security (aka 'human security'). One way to do that is provide a common, Israteeny identity, laughable though that may seem.

But there are other ways (including confederation, migrant labour policies, joint-security guarantees, a common military, freedom of movement), which may accomplish the same thing without impinging on closely-held national/religious identity.

All these things are easier to accomplish within the context of a federal nation. With the possible exception of confederation, however, they are also possible between two independent nations. Indeed, Israel and Palestine might be more willing to allow joint security guarantees or freedom of movement if they know that such agreements are revocable in the event of their not working out.

Even a confederation of sorts could exist, along the model of the European Union, between independent and sovereign nations - and an EU-style common market could extend far beyond Israel and Palestine. It's possible to envision a Middle Eastern economic union involving Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt and other neighboring nations; Israel and Egypt would be the natural leaders of this union as France and Germany are in the EU, but each member would have the security that comes with sovereignty and independence. The bottom line is that a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the one that provides the most protection to each party while requiring the smallest realistic amount of mutual trust and goodwill - which means that it is both the easiest to put in place and the most stable once enacted.

What about the long term?

The only sure thing I can say about any long-term predictions is that they will be wrong. Sixty years ago, who would have predicted that the Mandate of Palestine would be in the mess it is in today? In the short term, I feel safe in ruling out binationalism as a realistic solution; in the long term, I can neither rule it out nor in.

Any of a number of things could happen to make binationalism a more attractive option. One possibility is the evolution of a new international order in which Westphalian sovereignty is abandoned and in which an international legal system to which subnational units can appeal is superimposed over the nation- state structure. In this case, it would be possible to construct a federal IsraTeen in which each canton would have guarantees of independence similar to those now available to independent states.

Another possibility is that mutual trust between Israelis and Palestinians, which is now virtually nonexistent, might develop to the level where a federal or even a unitary binational state might be sustainable. Such trust, however, cannot develop under the current circumstances, where one side is occupied and the other lives in fear of terror attacks. The trust and goodwill that are necessary to establish a binational state can only develop during a period of interaction as separate and equal entities.

If the Israeli and Palestinian people one day reach the point where they desire a binational state, then there will be one. This may happen at some time in the future, or it may not. The path to one state lies through two, however, and in the short term, the creation of an independent Palestinian state alongside Israel is the only viable resolution to the conflict.

Compiled By Chuq from Head Heeb Blog

23 April 2007

A Desparate Plead!!!!

Would someone, somewherre please do something, so we can be saved from the endless coverage of the Tech shootings! I mean, for Christ's sake, move the f*ck on!

I am sorry but by this time, it is something those involved in should be handling on their own without a bunch of dick wads with mikes running around trying to find something new to report and when they cannot do that they keep reminding everone of the horror.

CNN, especially, give it a f*cking rest--you dipshits are not helping and are definitely not reporting! Even the National Enquirer is showing better taste and judgement than an organization that prides itself on its "news" coverage. I suggest that if they continue being a "rag" then find a new marketing slogan.

I mean--come on guys--how long are you gonna f*ck this dead donkey?


22 April 2007

Beautification Of Baghdad

First, let me say that today's class will be a short one. Did I hear a heavy sigh of relief?

I have seen a report on TV that they are building a wall in sime neighborhoods in Baghdad. I question their logic, but they go up anyway. it appears that the Iraqi government has commissioned some artists to pain murals of the bare grey walls, to help make it look more like "playtime" instead of "wartime".

The Iraqi government is also putting in small parks with plyground equipment and gardens. A little beauthy in the midst of all the ugliness? Their logic is if they can appeal to the children, they will influence the parents into going to the parks. What a marketing plan! I mean think about it! we cannot market vigs or beer to children, but yet the Iraqi govt is making appear all is safe and good. But what happens to them on the way to these "idyllic" little oasis in the war? I mean, you want to give them a false sense of security? People are dying everyday, every hour and yet you want Iraqis to venture out to make the govt look good. I want some of the "stuff" they are smoking!

IMO, let's give the US media something positive to report, no matter how ridiculous it amy appear--It is a positive in the midst of all the negatives.


21 April 2007

Daily Rant

Just like Va. Tech, everyone has heard Alec Baldwin and his message to his daughter. Why is this news? What he said was outrageous, but NONE of my business. it is not something I need to know--no one needs to know this sh*t. All you parents out there--tell me you have never said anything to your child that you wished you could take back. You haven't? You are a f*cking lair!

Gates said that we are not going train Iraqis anymore, a story that could effect American troops negatively , but the news media thought Baldwin's outburst was more inmportant than that.

When will you microcephalics demand an end to the fluff and demand to know what is happening in the world, other than your g*dd*mn celebrities? If every one of the "stars" dropped dead, the world would continue and probably be a better place.

I'll holler!


Where Have All The Bees Gone?

I would like to talk to the class today about the environment. Iknow, I know, you have heard all the arguments about warming and yada yada. I want to talk about honey bees. For you city dwellers that is those little orange and black flying insects that irritate you on a picnic.

Recently a report was issued that said whole hives across the US were dying leaving few alive. Why? here is where it gets good--warming has been blamed, pesticide and now, the best cel phones. The EM pulse emitted by cel phones supposedly interfers with their systems. Personally, I do not give a SH*T which theory you may want to believe. The simple fact is they are disappearing. Why would you care? IMO, the honey bee is one of the most important speicies on the planet. Without the bees there will be few crops, without crops there will be hunger, with hunger there will be deaths. So you see bees are VERY important to mankind.

As one who grows some of his own food, this year there have been few bees, not a good sign.

As I have said, you may choose to belief whatever theory or conspiracy you choose, but it will make no difference for without the bees mankind will suffer and die.

Once it becomes an epedemic and you seat quietly and listen--you will hear Mother Nature saying--"CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW"?



20 April 2007

News UpDate

Bldg 44, Johnson Space Center has been evac because a person with a gun is shooting.

Really? I wonder where he could have gotten the idea or the courage to do such a thing? Does Va. Tech ring a flippin' bell? Hey CNN, nice reporting keep up the shitty reporting, we do look forward to your crap!


19 April 2007

Hold The Press!!!!

BTW, 312 died and 302 injured in Iraq on wednesday--Just in case you would like to know.

Well, happy days, CNN is still analyzing the Tech thing--after 4 days what could possibly be said that has not been said , oh, rough guest, 100 times? Everyone is soooooooo concerned about the mental well-being of the students, but you make them relive the situation over and over and over and......

I think that CNN should rethink their slogan of "all the news you can use" or whatever their marketing dept has come up with. As much as I dislike FOX, at least they started reporting the rest of the world news--so to them I say thanks!

My analysis--Some Korean guy got a couple of guns, he was pissed he starting shooting, people died and were injured, he was a sick-o, the student body is freakin' the police are embarassed--did I leave anything out? If I did it was not important.

I have said enough and so has all the outlets that call themselves a news outlet. Get over it! It will happen again! Just to let you know, the news media is helping embolden the next sick-o.


18 April 2007


I believe that we all should take a moment and praise CNN for breaking the world's record for a news story.

They have been running the same story for almost 72 hours--Damn!

Does anyone realize that some far today 171 people died in Iraq? I did not think so.


Democrats and Their Accomplishments

Yeah, I was pumped after the last election. Well, not really, just thought it would be a good intro. After said election, things were gonna be different; the Dems would take up the fight for the people and be their voice in Washington. What are they whispering?

They came out with their 100 hour agenda and they pushed a bit through, they did do what they said. But now, after 100 days, what have they accomplished? What bills have been made into law?

All they have done is lip service, confrontation, photo-ops, yada yada. That said what have they really accomplished? They are an ambitious lot, but that is easy when you know that they DO NOT have the votes to do any of their so-called agenda.

Someone out there have an opinion? Let us hear it!

Reality most set in eventually, the Dems are NO better at keeping promises than the Repubs. If this is true, why do the American people continue with this charade? One word comes to mind--IGNORANCE.


17 April 2007

Americans And Death

This is a follow-up to my post about the Tech shootings.

Americans seem to have this bizarre need to know why death. Like the VA Tech deaths, they want to know every aspect of the story. Why? But yet something like nthe wars overseas and they accept whatever reason some feeble-minded politician gives them. Why? Why do they want to know why one person did this act, but not why the government would do it?

I guess it is easier for them to imagine one person being sick enough to kill people, but not their government. I have a had time with the mental process of the American people; they are so illogical in their thinking.

I am sure there is a sociologist somewhere that can answer my questions, but will I agree?


Virginia Tech Shootings

Now, hopefully, everyone is aware of the tragedy on the campus of VA tech, if not, please do me a favor and stay away from my Blog. The Media has found a easy story that they can analyze to death. For them it is easier than finding some other subject to cover. Why? A built in story that takes NO imagination to report.

Please do not misunderstand me, this is a tragedy and unacceptable behavior by a demented individual.

The media is analyzing this from every angle and I would suspect that the perpetrator's penis was small and his feeling of inadequancy drove him to his acts. Not funny? I agree, but just watch the news and see the utter scrambling by the media to find a hook for the next "live" report.

I will do my best to explain things for those who think more slowly than others.

How could this happen?

A guy with guns shot people! That pretty much sums it up.

Why did he do it?

He was a demented individual that had access to guns and he used them.

What is the reaction?

Students are traumatized--students are dead--students are wounded--shooter is dead--law enforcement is scratching their heads in amazement. Anything else?

What are the implications?

American society needs help--lots of help! Media, with its never ending coverage, will assist any other demented a/hole, contemplated such an action, to decide to play this deadly game. This occurance, someone shooting someone, is a daily thing -- and for that reason, it is a cultural thing.

Let's see 50+ students injured or dead; the worst school shooting on record. What else do you need to know? How many died in Iraq and Afghanistan, yesterday? My point is--the students were not the only deaths yesterday. Move on and let the campus try to heal itself. The more coverage you give this, the more copycats will appear. If the thinking is cover this so that it willnever happen again--then you a/holes are dreaming!

The stupidity of the interviews--a woman says, "I heard shots", a guy says, "he starting shooting" another student says he was shooting; ok you ass wipes, I got it the guy had guns and was shooting. How many times must we be told that fact. Let me see now, students are dead from gunshot wounds, right? I think that I have enough intelligence to figure out how they got that way. And it is also obvious to me that if you heard shots; someone has a gun. Please!

Why does the news media seem to think that they have to get us every angle? I say report on the act and then any new developements and give it a F*CKING rest. Apparently, most of the viewing public has IQ and shoe size about the same.


16 April 2007

Daily Rant

I am listening to your President talk about the war on terror. What can I say? He is [playing is typical FEAR card about the terroristssssss (the emphasis is his) He talks about what a great country that troops would sign up to fight the bad guys. And $40,000 bonus or more has nothing to do with it? He did say that whatever happens in the ME could impact us here in this country. Damn this guy is just palin stupid! That is exactly why 9/11 happened! Our one sided policies created the hate we are now fearing so much. Where have yopu pricks been for the last 4 years? Under a rock? (Do not answer that question--it is obvious they have their collective heads up their collective asses)

It still amazes me that with all the crooked, underanded, bullshit that YOUR preident has come up with along with his group of boyz, and you still listen and believe anything coming from his mouth. It is a pathetic indictment of the American people. Several sayings come to mind, but the most appropriate is, "Americans get the government they deserve".





Everyone, except a few paid opponents, see that the environment is in danger and that something must be done to preserve our way of life. Not bad! But the American people want the corporations to come up with the ideas for the survival of the planet. Laziness! It is everyone but their responsiblitiy to save the planet. They want alt energy so that they can continue their lifestyle. They do not want to be bothered with the problem. Unfortunately, dipsticks, YOU ARE the problem!

I mean they can come up with fuel additives and such, but if the American people continue down the path they are now on, they will be the reason that the planet craps out.

Just as in Iraq, no one wants to sacrifice. Nobody is willing to give up the inefficient vehicles or anything else that would effect them directly. They want the indirect method--let someone else find the problem and fix--they are just too busy being self-centered and lame. Americans give lip service to the problem of global warming, but that is about it. They say it is a problem that needs fixing, but they want someone elese to fix it.

I say make it hurt everyone, through taxes and such; once everyone begins to feel the pressure you can bet that something will get done. Make ALL pay, indivuals, corporations, etc. Higher axes on gas guzzlers, boats, emmissions of all types. This will ensure the American people will demand that a solution be found.

If everyone cannot get on board with helping save the planet, then I suggest you just sit back and observe the planet slowly expiring. God forbid that any of the people should have to sacrifice one iota to help the world.

The planet is dying, sports fans and YOU have a hand in the demise. Are you proud of yourself now?



15 April 2007

A New War Czar

Bush is looking for a new war czar, someone to take control of the daily operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. This person would report directly to Bush and be able to command different parts of the cabinet in the pursuit of the war.

So far he has had NO takers. Why is that? You would think that all the generals in waiting would jump on the opportunity--but no takers. One reason could be that when things finally go to the limit of crap, the czar would be the scapegoat and they probably see the in-fighting that would occur between the people with the czar stuck in the middle. The poor czar would be responsible for everything that would go wrong and be the buffer to take the heat off the pres.

Only an idiot would want this job. But I am sure he will find some ambitious a/hole to do it.

The preas may have to order someone to be his ass cover and you know what happens when a soldier disobeys an order. The generals who have turned him down are showing some backbone and are basically saying, you made the mistake--you take the responsibility!

Take a look at the drug czar, now that position has done what excatly? Has it helped win the war on drugs? ROFLMAO! So, what would be the advantage of having a war czar, I mean other than protecting the Pres ass? Not a damn thing--it will be as effective winning the war as the drug czar has been at eliminating the flow of drugs. A waste of time and money.


14 April 2007


Just a few of the "important" stories of the past couple of days.

Prince whathis name of the UK is kicking his girlfriend to the curb. That should give the American people something to care about.

Some AZ teacher got caught humping a student. More important stuff!

A storeclerk got his teeth knocked out by a runaway car--please!

Imus was fired and meets with Rutgers team--move on!

People take "growth harmone" to extend youth.

Why would I be listing these? They are the most looked at stories on the web. Americans are a pathetic bunch of losers.


13 April 2007

Depleted Uranium

Depleted Uranium--A WMD?

May I say, Good Morning, sports fans! Today's class will be on a subject that may or may not interest you. Since 9/11 the American people have been bombarded with the fear factor. All those little nations that want nuclear technology and are not on good terms with US, could be a source for the ingredients for a "dirty bomb" or in other words a weapon of mass destruction. I am sure you have heard of these, at least in passing anyway. I will expose you to a few terms and theories on the subject and YES, you will be responsible for the content of this lecture--It will be on a test!

Your professor would like to know if you know just what the hell a "dirty bomb" is? Please may I see a show of hands? Just as I thought, asleep at the wheel and I am not speaking of a rock tune for the past.

OK, a "dirty bomb" is defined as such:

The term dirty bomb is primarily used to refer to a radiological dispersal device (RDD), a radiological weapon which combines radioactive material with conventional explosives. Though an RDD is designed to disperse radioactive material over a large area, a bomb that uses conventional explosives would likely have more immediate lethal effect than the radioactive material. At levels created from most probable sources, not enough radiation would be present to cause severe illness or death. A test explosion and subsequent calculations done by the United States Department of Energy found that assuming nothing is done to clean up the affected area and everyone stays in the affected area for one year, the radiation exposure would be "fairly high", but not fatal. Recent analysis of the Chernobyl accident fallout confirms this, showing that the effect on many people in the surrounding area, although not those in close proximity, was almost negligible.

As you can see that the death toll would be fairly minimal, but then the residual effects could be a major problem down the road. If a terrooist wanted the most bang for his buck, then the "dirty bomb" may not be the best avenue for him to travel. But if he wanted to do some permenant harm, it could be his cup of tea.

Now let's move on. What about depleted uranium? I seem to see some vacuous stares out there. And I am guessing somewherre within your grey matter you are asking, what the (expletive) is depleted uranium?

Here you go--Depleted uranium (DU) is uranium that has a reduced proportion of the isotope Uranium-235. It is mostly made up of Uranium-238. The names Q-metal, depletalloy, and D-38, which once applied to depleted uranium, have fallen into disuse.

Its high density and pyrophoricity have made it a valued component in some military applications, particularly in the form of armour-piercing projectiles.

Its use in ammunition is controversial because it is released into the environment. Besides its residual radioactivity, U-238 is a heavy metal whose compounds are known from laboratory studies to be toxic to mammals, especially to the reproductive system and fetus development, causing reduced fertility, miscarriages and fetus malformations. It remains debatable whether depleted uranium is dangerous to human beings at the low quantities in which it is ingested from the environment.

Why are we talking about this? Well your favorite wars being waged as we speak, Iraq and Afghanistan, DU is used on armor piercing projectiles as well as some of the bunker busting bombs. As these are used to fight those darn pesky terrorists, it is finding its way into the eco-system, as well as being inhaled by troops as well as civilians.

It is immediate rsults will not be recognized for years, but eventually troops and civilians will start showing signs of exposure, to include infertility, birth defects, cancerous growths and an additional symptoms that have not yet been isolated. There is a possiblity that thousands and possibly as many as a million people could be effected in the future.

So you see, the original action may not cause a reaction but a long term effect can be expected. For that reason, I say it is a weapon of mass destruction and it is not being used by the terrorists, but rather the self-named savior of the Iraqi people, the US.

I will add that not all scientists agree with the findings of health risks, but keep in mind that there are those scientists that say there is no global warming, either.



12 April 2007

I'm Sooooo Glad!

MSNBC fires Imus, Da baby's daddy is found, Lacrosse players innocent, --now that these pressing probs in society have been settled--all is right with the world!

I am so glad to be living in an age where these are the most important issues that I have to deal with in my life. A heavy sigh of relief and now I may sleep a lot better knowing that these probs have been repaired. I was truly worried that the probs listed might effect the elections and the world situation. I wish I could really express my joy and relief!


Follow The Leader

On 9/11, the US was attacked by a bunch of dicks from al-Qaeda and then the pres declared war on terror. I remember Mr. Bush's comment, "Bring it on". You gotta love cowboy bravado! Well maybe not. From that frightful day, Bush has done everything in his power to enable and empower the terrorists, esecially al-Qaeda.

Across the world the terrorist organization has gained follower and momentum; he could not have done a better job of making the world more unsafe, even if that had been his plan all along. Attacks are going on daily across the world, most recently in Algeria; let us not forget Madrid, London, Morrocco, on and on. Will this ever curtail? Not for awhile, Bush offered a challenge to the "bad guys" and they seem to have taken him up on it.

My favorite statement right now is that if we leave Iraq the terrorist will follow us here. Scary thought, huh? But why has there not been another attack on the US? Is it our security measures? Not hardly, most of them are a joke! Then what is it?

IMO, the original attack was to get the US to over-react--it did and empowered al-Qaeda beyond its own attempt to expand. Al-Qaeda has become the premier terrorist group in the world. And now thanks to Bush and his WOT, the world has become even more dangerous than in the past. With each one of his lies that comes to light; he proves everything that he is accused of by terroists.

Will there be another attack on the US? Only developements in the next year or so will answer that question. US policy is NOT doing anything to defuse a volitile situation around the world. So, if you are afraid of the future, then the terrorsist are doing their job and doing it well. For FEAR is their best and most effective weapon.



11 April 2007

Good News

How do I start with the good news? Anna Nicole Smith is still dead! She has been buried! And now we know who the kid's daddy is--Please move the F*CK on.

People across the world are dying--from war, from starvation, from disease and the American people are worried about who the kid's F*CKIN' father is. How pathetic! Put this crap on E! but please remocve it from a news outlet--it is fluff not news!

I am pretty much over US news media, they are nothing but gossip columnists, not news journalists.

The big news of the day is who da baby's daddy, and yet North Korea will shut down nuke program as soon as their money is unfroze. Now where should the emphasis be here? Something that could effect the entire world or that which effects a couple of a/holes? I guess I just cannot understand the fascination with bullshit.

Can the American people become any more shallow than they are now?


10 April 2007

Why No Draft?

Things are not going well for the miliatry, what with Iraq and Afghanistan and any other conflict that Bush wishes to engage in . US Troops are being extended an extra 4 months, the National Guard units are being called and , the best one, is that troops with mental prblems are being sent back to the situation that caused their problems. Does any of this sound like a government that has things well in hand? Hell no!

A new type of draft has been suggested, but dismissed by the Bush Boyz. They say that there is no need that the US has the situation well in hand and the draft is not needed. OK, but az lot of people are not agreeing with the pres, many experts do not agree with the pres. If that is the case, Why no draft?

Anti-war is the answer! The movement is gaining momentum and that worries the pres and his handlers. He is desparate to have some success so that he can get out of his presidency with a minimum amount of damage. If a draft is ever reinstated for the US, the anit-war movemnent will be catapulted into mainstream, something Bush is deathly afraid of, for as it is now he can pretty lie his way out of just about anything, but that would change significantly if the draft is ever reinstated.

The US administration is tap dancing like a fool trying to find ways to avoid the reinstatement of the draft. The clock is ticking and Bush is running out of time for his lame policies that are a dismal failure.



What Did You Do In The War, Daddy?

Unless you have been in coma, you have heard about the capture of Brits and now their release. A happy ending.

A few points--their meeting with the press one Brit had to read his comments from a cue card, Why? It was only 13 day ordeal, and these guys and gal have to refresh their memories on what happened. Or another possibility is they are lying. A further plan to incite oiutrage over Iran's actions and a justification.

Now, we say vids of them playing ping pong, eating, playing chess, yukking it up, not one looked as if they were being coerced. They ate not like a prisoner on limiter rations, but rather a casual meal. You would think that if things were not comfortable, they would try to send a message in the vid that would alert the world. I saw none!

Now the cash for story thing. I do ot know of any active military person that is allowed to cash in on experiences during active duty. This smells like a propaganda ploy. I will watch to see how similar the stories are; that will point to the truth.

IMO, what we have here is an attempt to continue building the case for action against Iran. It is coming, just a matter of time.



Update--The UK MofD has had second thoughts about allowing the troops to get cash for story. There has been a huge backlash.

A Daily Rant

Morning, sports fans!

Ok the question of the day is--how many, I am sorry, apologies to celebs have to make before the American people realize--"They do not mean it"?

these ass wipes are trying to save their collective asses by sayinf, "I'm sorry". These people are the racists they say they are not. They think their sh*t does not stink and they can say whatever they like because they are famous. Well, NO!

Mel, meant it! Kramer meant it! Imus meant to say what he said! The crap about trying to be funny is a cop out. Why? It is 2007, and you do not realize that his statements were hurtful and mean? Then he has Alzheimer's and needs to be put in a hoime. Or there is another possibility, IT IS HE'S A F*CKING RACIST! Time to flush that toilet and rid society of the turd!


09 April 2007


For awhile now I have been own a few discussion forums and of course, a bit of a disagreement ensues, but that is why they are called discussion forums and not something else. One of the biggest convos I have had is the media and its embracing fluff instead of news. You know Britney, Ana Nicole, yada yada. Well, you know, I think I have an answer. Most of the Us major media is owned by this corp. or that and in as such it must make a profit. So the news section is incorporated into the entertainment division of these corps. And in that lies the prob--they are approaching news from an entertainment perspective instead of an informative perspective. Because of this we get hour upon hour, of fluff, not quality news. News is suppose to inform not entertain.


The Professor's Classroom

Good Morning class. Take your seats and grab a pencil and paper--gonna be a test.

On the map locate the following countries:

Turkey/Iraq/Kuwait/Saudi Arabia/Afghanistan/Pakistan/Uzbekistan/Kyrygzistan/Persian Gulf

Now in red pencilo locate Iran.

What is the point? Take a look at Iran and then the countries listed. Does Iran look surrounded? The list of countries are countries with a military presence and yes, they are surrounded. If I were Iran I would be paranoid also.



The Professor's Classroom

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07 April 2007

Another Vet Ranting!

For 2 weeks some Brits were held in Iran. They got out, are healthy and happy to be home. The same with fired attornies; this story will not go away.

What is my problem? There are almost countless injured vets that are being constantly crapped on by their government and yet all is quiet on the media front. The government thinks that its lame attempts to correct the problem will satisfy the people, well it will! Why because the media has assisting in the BS, they move from the Vets care to these fluff with happy endings or political implications. When their focus should be on the Vets and the attempts to placate a voting bloc.

Happy, happy, joy, joy--the Brits are home--too bad that the Iraqi war vets cannot find that much happiness in their situation. I cannot sit by and let this slide from everyone's memory.

Americans are always talking about this group or that group and the injustice they suffer. PAY ATTENTION, Dipshits! There are Americans being systematically crapped on by the government and by YOU!


06 April 2007

Could Children Be The Answer?

What Of The Children?

I recently did an analysis of the Middle East situation and in that piece I wrote that the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians had become an institution; a tradition, if you will. And for that reason it was going to be difficult to find a peaceful solution to the conflict. Since the conflict has been continuously for the last 50+ years, the solution was going to have to be that of the Palestinians and the Israelis.

Now I would like to cover the same type of situation but in this I will be more concerned with that of the rearing of children. First, keep in mind that about two generations have lived with the conflict. Two generations have either grown up with refugee camp experiences or lived through wars and destruction in the Occupied Territories. Children playing have witnessed such things as homes destruction, airstrikes, dead bodies, blood and the smell of gunsmoke. These are powerful things for children to endure and it not to effect them.

On the other side of the conflict, Israeli children have witnessed suicide bombers and heard rockets results in the distance, not quite as emotionally powerful as what the Palestinian children endure. I mean the carcass of a rocket that hit in a field out of the village, is not quite as effective as a child watching as a piece of machinery destroys your home or the body of your older brother lying broken in the streets of your town.

After two generations have grown up with such vivid pictures burned into their minds, what would be their reaction be when they became old enough participate? Of course, they would want to do something that could improve their situation and that of all their people.

The Palestinian people have had no effective government in the past, so their thinking is if they did not do something, nothing would get done. Israel on the other hand, has had a government and the people have put their faith in the actions of that government. Of course, the world has , for two generations, looked the other way when it comes to the plight of the Palestinian people.

So with this said, the children have continue all the conflict as they have grown up. Their impressionable years were filled with death and destruction and as they grew older the death and destruction continues, so that when their children, who are witnessing the same circumstances, grow they continue the death and destruction, so when their children............and the cycles continues.

The only way to achieve peace in the region, is to find a way to break the cycle of death and destruction. That is assuming that all players want the cycle to be broken. The only way to break a tradition or custom, is by starting with the children. Let them know there is a peaceful way to live; show them there is a peaceful way to live.

Now, the question is, do the players in this drama really want peace? If they truly do, then it is time to prove, remove the violence and allow children to play children's games and not be witness to the obscenities of war.



05 April 2007

Societal Observations

Alrighty then--it is Easter Weekend and there are a few things that I would like to get off my chest.

CNN has a show of :What would Jesus reaaly Do? Be sure to watch this, for some microcephalic has all the answers of what Jesus intended. Not really! Jesus knows what he intended the rest are just those seeking some attention.

Bad boy Bobby and Whitney have called it quits--is anyone really caring? If you are--please take a few minutes a GET A LIFE!

Yet another pet food maker has recalled its stuff. Some say make your own dog/cat food. But vets say no, you must go to the vet and pay him to tell you what to do. SH*T Vets are getting about as bad and money hungry as a medical doctor. My dog is my life, she has been there since I was injured and has been there thru a lot of crap. I would not do anything to harm her. A dog needs protein, crude fiber. Right now, I am making her food.

Religious types and medical types are a greedy lot! I suggest that all people be wary of these soul-less SOBs. Take my word on it neither are God and definately not god-like, they are users.

NEWSBREK--the freed Brit troops got a colorful bag of parting gifts from Iran. Got to be a slow day in news. Either that or the people are really as tgupid and superficial as I have thought.


Now The Crap Begins

The sailors are free! Happy, happy--do the dance of joy. But now we get hour upon hour of nothing--pics of the airport, pics of helicopter, idle chat while waiting for something to occur. Of BTW, the rest of the world just fucking stops while we wait for sights of the captives.

Why not consider leaving the poor SOBs alone, let them go home and get away from the BS.? Media analysis is redundant and boring! Shut up and move on!


04 April 2007

Good News Travels Fast

OH HAPPY DAY! The Iranians are releasing the 15 Brits, now everyone can go back to sleep. At the beginning of a discussion forum that Iam a chartered member, when the whole nuke thing came up; everyone was up in arms saying this, that, whatever. Hopefully, you will remember the strong words from the US, Iran and whoever else could find a mike to speak into.

OK, you remember the harsh words from both sides about nukes. On the forum, there were all kinds of calls for action by the US; I on the other hand said that the Iranian pres was playing to the band that the real power was the Council. But no one would hear that, he was serious about blowing up the world. I can only so much stupidity, before I have to turn and laugh my way out of the room. All the flippin' experts knew what he was up to and he intewnded to do with the nukes; and probably only a handful could find Iran on a map. Experts my ass!

Well CHUQ, what does this have to do with 15 Brits? Good question! All the harsh rhetoric and chest thumping has lead to what? The Council, the real power in Iran and not the pres, decided enough was enough. They saw that the longer it went on the worse Iran appeared on the world stage. Iran has its hands full with sanctions, nukes and such, there was no need for further complications. Two days the Council, IMO, told the Guard and the Pres it was time for it to end. And so it ended!

In a closing shot, the Iranian Pres told the UK not to persecute the troops for anything they may have said.

Everything that I said in the Forum, was restated in the media by well paid experts. Since I am paranoid, LOL, I think my blog is being read.



The Political Cat Fight

Do you recall after the 1st of the year, you kno0w when those guys took control of the Congress? Both sides said they wanting to work with the other to improve the nation. What Happened? These dinks are not working together, they are confronting and battling each other.

Whose fault is it? Depends on which side of the political spectrum you stand when you answer the question. Do you want the Iraq War to continue--then it would be the Democrats fault and if you want the war to end--then the Reubs are the bad guy. If you are like me and do not give a sh*t about either of the two, then you would have to see that it is a combination of both.

First, we elected Bush president, not king! All his rhetoric about the bills before the Congress, on the war, he sounds like a monarch. King George--has a nice ring to it--only if you an idiot!

Now, the Dems--they do not want to compromise--why? They seem to think that they got some mandate from the people--they did not! What they got was an anger vote!

The American people are the losers in this tug-of-war between the Congress and Bush. While they play word games, Americans continue to die; Iraqis continue to die. Where is the problem? This is what you get by putting your faith in wealthy elitists to do your bidding. The voter will get burn everytime.

The American voter, what can I say? Individually, they are a smart and, at times well informed. But let an election come around and they become a collection of dumbasses. The vote with heart; they vote with emotion and they seem to want to be lied to and on a regular basis.

One of my fav quotes is, "Stupidity is the cultivation of ignorance". Well said!



03 April 2007

And Yet Another Rant

A few more things I feel I need to comment on in this society.

The Ab-Lounger(TM) ad the woman sys that it got rid of her pot gut--cool and apparently it dyed her hair blonde at the same time. Is Blonde the color of skinny? If so I did not get that memo.

I noticed the other day in the grocery store, while looking for sanitary wipes that apparently only brunettes need a douche. Every ad for the product in the store had a brunette on it. That is good hygiene info to know.

I guess I am just a soul-less SOB! An escaped prisoner in Ohio--who cares? A car wreck in Tenn--who cares? I mean if I lived in the vincinity it might be revelent, but it is not national newsworthy. I suggest that CNN,FOX, et al allow the local stations to do their duty to the local public and that they stick to news that effects the world and the nation. Just my thought!

Is Beyounc e married? Do you really give a sh*t? If you do, please move on from my blog I do not need the viewership that bad.

Peace! Out!


Political Observation

I guess if you are at least interested in what is happening to this country, you watch the news and in doing so, you formulate your opinion on what you see. Is that about right? Damn Skippy!

I realize I will be mentioning something from the past and some may not remember that far back, I mean it has been 3 months or so, a distant past for the mentally challenged. But I digress! If you recall after the elections in Nov. and the resounding defeat of the Bush machine; the Dems started thumping their chest about the war. Of course, none of it was the same as the pres and so the war of words began. The Dems spouting anti-war this and that, the Pres spouting pro stay the course. And then the Pres said that if the Dems have any ideas to offer them.

COOL! I said in this blog back in Jan. , I believe, that foreign policy was the Pres's gig, funding was Congress's gig and then I stated that if the Dems actually offer alternatives then they would be attacked for trying to do the Pres job.

SH*T--I WAS RIGHT! The Dems have offered their versions of the war plan and now they are being accused of trying to take the Pres job and micro=managing the Iraq War.

Are you surprised? If so, go back to sleep. All you have to do is realize politics is a game played by the wealthy and once you realize that--predictions are not that hard, and with time you can look like an expert.



02 April 2007

A Hypocritical Statement

Has everyone seen or heard Bush's latest statement? You know the one where he called Iran's taking of the Brits as "inexcuseable behavior"?

Come on he lied to the American people and has caused the deaths of 3200+ citizens and Iran is "inexcuseable"? This guy is either dumber than turnip or he is more ballsy than Spuds MacKenzie. What is the old saying, "the pot calling the kettle black"?

US politics is such an amusing game with amusing players. Does he not realize that he is being hypocritical?


Taking It To The Streets

Hopefully, all you have been paying attention at the circumstances talking place within the US. The anti-war movement is gaining momentum. What started with a distraught mother sitting outside Bush's ranch is now taking a page from the 60's and 70's; they are taking it to the streets.

Across the US from NYC to San Francisco, protests were recently held and a powerful message is beginning to take shape. From all sections of the political spectrum being represented, from middle of the road organizations to the far left, all are concerned with the actions of this president. Most are deeply concerned with the amount of American troop loses and the rise in injuries. Even active duty soldiers are becoming involved with the fight against this war.

The movement is growing rapidly and organizationally. More protests, more "taking it to the streets" will be in the plans. As a matter of fact, May 1st will be the next big protest.

The troops need to show their support by going to anti-war sites and giving them their support. The more pressure put onto the government the more likely an end to the maddness will be found.

Do not be fooled by the political games played in washington. These indiviuals are gamers from the start; it is all about preception, not about reality. The Congress needs to be constantly reminded who has the power. If we allow them to work unchecked, we have such occurances as the war in Iraq, an obscenity of the highest magnitude.

I say to the American troops, "We are working hard to end this nightmare and that you should do your part and add your voice to the protests. You are the ones tasked with carry out the obscenities of the Bush administration and you can help end it, once and for all."

Do not be fooled, my fellow vets, I was a voice in the end of my war, Vietnam, and I feel it was my patriotic duty to do my part to end the obscenity of war. Do not let anyone tell you that your stance against war is unpatriotic, that is a LIE>

So I say to all, Vote in the streets! Take It To The Streets! you have the power--USE IT!


01 April 2007

A Sunday Rant

Ok we have accidents that kill one person, we have tornadoes that kill 3 people, we have a house fire no deaths--is this not something for local news? Why is this on national? National news is just that--stuff that effects us --nationally. I say leave it to the local people that is what they get paid to do and the national press stick to national and international news.

If they cannot do that then start reporting the individual deaths of injured vets and troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Good lord, the national media has turned 2, count them, 2, border agents into some kinkd of cult thing. And we seem to worry about 8 lawyers who lost their jobs--boo-hoo--they are lawyers!--they will find a way to make enough money to support themselves in the lifestyle they have become accustomed.

What about the many, many vets that are being crapped on daily? They need a champion! Someone in the media please do the right thing and help these people--they are suffering and they need our support.

I have no time to worry about 8 bottom feeders who lost their jobs--who cares about the unemployed American workers--BTW, there are more than 8 I have no time for self-serving dicks like Lou Dobbs--I suggest if he wants to gain respect then pick something that effects more than 2 people. Oh it is the principle of the thing--SCREW THE PRINCIPLE!

There are Americans suffering mental and physical pain because of the country's desire to be, well whatever it is it desires--it is time for someone to be held accountable for these people and the anguish the country is putting them through. So a couple of agents went to jail--how many are in jail because of BS?

The country asked these people to do their duty--most did their exceptionally--the country and the admin used these people up, then it abandons them. This is not something new, the country been doing this for 30 years or more--time to stand up for the people you have used and to see that they get ALL the help they need and definately deserve.


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