06 August 2007

Professor's Classroom

It is that time of the week again; time for the ever popular Classroom; the more you visit the more you learn.

good day class, I hope you are prepared to be amazed. Today's question is from the "wild west" days. Who said:

"Give me 80 troopers and I can ride through the entire Sioux nation". And what was the irony of his statement?

Good luck and good day!

The professor has spoken and now time for his nap! LOL


tumbleweed said...

Brevet Lieutenant Colonel Fetterman. He led his men in a chase after what appeared to be a small band of warriors but when he toped a nearby hill he found himself surrounded by Sioux warriors.

At the fort reports of sounds of the gun fire were received. An additional column was dispatched under the command of Capt. Tenador Ten Eyck. By the time Ten Eynk arrived all eighty men in Fetterman's units had been slaughtered.

CHUQ said...

Well done, my friend! Now who mlead Fetterman into the ambush? just a bonus question, lol

Tumbleweed said...

I believe it was Red Cloud.

Fetterman disobeyed orders. That is why him and his men were killed.
This was his orders from Col. Henry Carrington, his commanding officer:

Hence my instructions to Brevet Lieutenant Colonel Fetterman, viz: - "Support the wood train, relieve it and report to me. Do not engage or pursue Indians at its expense. Under no circumstances pursue over the ridge viz; Lodge Trail Ridge, as per map in your possession."

CHUQ said...

Yep that is good. Crazy Horse lead the decoys.

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