15 August 2007

Turn Up The Pressure

The US is preparing to designate Iran's Revolutionary Guards force as a foreign terrorist unit, officials say.

If confirmed, this will be the first time official armed units of a sovereign state are included in the list of banned terrorist groups.

The classification would allow the US to target the force's finances.

The US has repeatedly accused Iran of destabilising Iraq and Afghanistan, blaming the Revolutionary Guards for supplying and training insurgents.

I am sorry, but I missed a memo! If Iran is one of the infamous "Axis Of Evil" would that not include any and all units of the government? Or maybe it was a bumpersticker after all. Whatya think? I am so sorry but where do the pundits in Washington draw a line?

Really sports fans, this is stupid! all it is is a ratching up of the pressure on Iran. Their people will bre targeted and they will probably react. Sounds like a plan to me. Let me see, for months now the Admin has been issuing so many accussations at Iran that it did not react well, so now the plan is to target their people. Now ask what will be the outcome? you may not like the answers you will arrive at.

This may be a mistake or it may be a bluff. Either way out troops will be tested again.



tumbleweed said...

The first thing that comes to mind is that Iran's Revolutionary Guards don't rely foreign funds. That gives me impression this declaration is just a PR stunt, or Bush and friends have some particular groups in their sights they want to go after they can claim have ties to the IRG.

CHUQ said...

I think the PR anaology is accutrate. Since they are from a 'terorist' country then I would think that the US has already considered them a terrorist group. But I could be mistakened.

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