29 August 2007

Political Bullsh*t Ads

Freddomwatch.org has put out a new TV ad pushing the Bush agenda. To me this looks like a PR plan to sell the American people on the idea of an extended stay in Iraq. I have a problem with the use of disabled vets in these ads. Of course the one they use is a stauch supporter of Bush's plan. But then it get really tacky--it shows one Tower smoking and a plane headed to the second. I question if that was necessary. I believe all Americans are aware of that incident and I do not think that it needs to be used ever again. FEAR--was the reason it was used, it is to remind the American people that fear is their only ally.

The whole ad is disgusting! And if I had to guess, I would say the the organization is a White House front. The ad is hypocritical and in extreme bad taste. But wait there is more! At the end of the ad, the handicapped vet looks at the screen and says, "don't let this become political".

Thinking.....thinking.......A politcal ad that does not want it to be a political issue.......thinking.....thinking......OK I got it now--Lobotomies for Republicans should be a law!


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