24 August 2007

Is This The Real American Justice?

Actress Lindsay Lohan has been sentenced to a day in jail after pleading guilty to drink driving and drug charges as part of a plea bargain.

She has also been ordered to do community service and complete a drug treatment programme.

Lohan's seven charges included driving while over the alcohol limit and being under the influence of cocaine.

She avoided more serious charges because she was only in possession of a small quantity of drugs when arrested.

In a statement, Lohan said: "It is clear to me that my life has become completely unmanageable because I am addicted to alcohol and drugs.

Wait! Wait! A small amount of drugs? One day? This is total bullsh*t! If that had been me or anyone I know we would be doing hard time and for a lot, lot longer. Just another piece sh*t in our justice system. There is not and has never been equal justice for all Americans. The slutty Paris and now firecrotch Lohan.

H. Rap Brown, the Black Panther Party, back in the day said it was justice, "Just Us White people". I think that needs to be more refined to say "Just Us Rich and Spoiled". SH*T! I got more time for refusing to place my hand on a Bible. I guess I am a more dangerous person, than some well off c*nt that totally ignores laws and does what she thinks is best. I can see where that would be the case--after all I know me and I am an a/hole.

Do you feel that justice was served? Priviledge has its rewards and one of them is you do not have to worry about what you do, for some judge will have pity on you for being so misunderstood.

Give me a f*cking break! The more I look at this type of the thing the more I...................Oh! F*ck it!



tumbleweed said...

California deserves people like her who get away with this shit.

CHUQ said...

I am just waiting for the "Big One" to hit Calif and then my Arizona land will be beachfront.

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