15 August 2007

US Arms Deals For The Middle East

What can I say? Who comes up with these schemes? Do we pay their salaries? If so, we need to re-negotiate their contracts.

Our so-called friends in the ME will be getting massive amounts of weapons and stuff. Is it just me or is the Bush foreign policy two fold; first we either blow them up or we bribe them. Where do they get this sh*t? I have a dog that could come up with a better plan than those.

So the ME policy of the Bush admin is if we cannot buy the friendship of a country, we go in and blow it up and stir up a hornet's nest. Please someone out there explain it to me. I have spent many hours in the INKWELL, debating with policies of this admin. (Oh sorry, the INKWELL is my office that my daughter named because of the amount of stuff I write.)

I am sorry but the present foreign policy is nothing more than a type of imperialism. Call it what you will but a rose by any other name is still imperialism. The policy leaves no room for compromise or negotiation, it only helps military contractors and authoritarian assholews stay in power. And somehow that is suppose to make the world a better place. At best a delusional way of thinking.

Somebody out there has to have a better plan and course for the US policies, we need to hurry and find them before it is way too late to change the directions that Bush has given us.



tumbleweed said...

I think there are a couple of factors fueling this latest arms deal. I think the first is they are trying to get their foot in the door ahead of China, France, and Russia where arms are concerned.

Next, I'd have to say we are trying to buy influence in the region.

These countries wouldn't need these arms if we weren't in the ME destabilizing the region.

This arms deal is a result of our foreign policy blunders. IMO.

CHUQ said...

Buying friends is good and I agree. It is payoff to these guys for whatever is being planned by Bush.

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