20 August 2007

Once Again Another Democratic debate

First, let me say that I was extremely unimpressed by the quality of this debate. I watched the debate until I became sick from the total amount of steaming bovine fecal matter that Clinton and Obama were throwing around. As usual I see the debates differently than most. This is my breakdown of the winners and losers of the debate.

Biden was frisky--too bad the public is missing his position.

Edwards was a lawyer--his answer were given not from conviction but from a position of trying to influence thinking.

Kucinich was pretty much ignored

Clinton was --well--Clinton--need I say more?

Obama was trying to take the punches.

I will not give the win to Edwards, because I do not like him. Biden won! Obama second only because he did fairly well in my opinion with the attacks. Clinton third, just because. Edwards fourth and Kucinich, which is still my fav got fifth only because he was not given a chance to speak too damn often.



tumbleweed said...

I find the debates too boring and I don't learn anything new.

The answers are just generalizations. When they outline their plans in detail, I'll listen.

CHUQ said...

same people, same questions, same suits. I agree

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