15 August 2007

Another ChuqSpeak

After spending my life in the pursuit of news from within the bowels of the INKWELL, I from time to time come across stuff that just f*cking irritates me. One such mindless irritant is the use of term "Boots On The Ground"! What is it about our world that everything must be boiled down to a slogan or similar mind f*ck?

Come on just say the words " more troops", it somehow does not have the same impact if you use the other. People cannot make the connection between boots and troops. Why?

ChuqSpeak is a mental masturbation that helps me cope with the constant bullsh*t that surrounds me daily.

Peace Out!


tumbleweed said...

I'll remember not to use that term CHUQ. Ha Ha.

CHUQ said...

I would appreciate the try. Thanx, tumble.

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