28 August 2007

Democrats And The Cancer Forum

I watched the stuff yesterday. It was not a debate per say, but a statement by the Dems that attended on healthcare, especially cancer and treatment. Only 4 of the Dem candidates were there and I will assess each one from my point of view.

Kucinich--once again I have as the best of the participants. He answered all questions starightforward and with passion, conviction and forcefully. He showed that he has excellent humorous side and was very good with the audience.

Edwards--was next in my poll--he was on fire and forcefully confrontational--gave all the right answers and said all the right things. Not so much truthful in my opinion.

Richardson--He quoted a lot of stats--his idea is to negotiate with the health industry on treatments--balance the budget--and my personal fav--limit Congressional raise to the success they have with bills.

Clinton--she showed why she is in the lead--vague, boring and aloof.

For me Kucinich is the man--he has good sound ideas and has good sound ways to pay for them. Of course, some will not like his choices, but he is thinking of the population as a whole and not just the monied few. Thumbs up!

It is written--so be it.



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