26 August 2007

Katrina And The Rages Of Time

As the 2nd anniversary of Katrinba approaches there is a plethora of media stories on the storm and the after math and the recovery. CNN's neew AC360 is entitle Katrina and what has happened. I have been watching since I lived in Ground Zero of thew storm I am always interested to hear the point of view of people who shhowed up afterwards. While everyone who has contributed I say thanx and you are appreciated, but to those that did nothing except bitch, I say BITE ME!

If you did not ride out the storm, all 14 hrs and 37 min of it, then you have NO idea what it was like. Destruction is obvious the mental f*cking is not something you can describe. The reconstruction is going well, that is the reports. that is bullsh*t! New Orleans is still devastated and the Fed funds are trickling in, nothing is being done to help. Basically the Fed is giving a starving man a stick of gum and patting him on the back.

You may see all kinds of progress on your TV; all I can say is go to New Orleans and the Gulf Coast and see for yourself. All those stories are just propaganda. Why is this so--BLACK people! Poor people! Most Americans could care less about these people. They give it lip service, but could care nothing about their real plight.

I have even started working on a plan for the seccession of S, MS, S. LA and S AL, to set up a separate state that would work to help the people since most of the states are too busy worrying which primary will be first.

I have had enough and now I am going to act and push through a partion. Will I succeed? I do not care! I will make my point! And most importantly, I will shhow the politicians for what nthey are---worthless humanity, a waste of skin and bone.



tumbleweed said...

What pisses me off is the talking heads who only go there to make it a soapbox, but once they leave, so does their support to correct the problem.

The states that were affected are just photo-ops.

CHUQ said...

Yes, we are a convienient stop on the campaign trail. Beyond that no one gives a sh*t.

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