04 August 2007

Obama: The Not Ready For Prime time Player

To begin with I wish the title was original, but I heard somewhere, but cannot remember where.

Obama is trying to pull away from the crowd in the democratic field, but IMO, he is going about wrong. He is playing to his opponents accussations that he is inexperienced. Instead going on the attack he is now in the position where he has to define and explain everything he is saying; in other words he is on the defensive and that will hurt him.

For instance, making a blanket statement lkike he would meet with all the "bad" leasders is first year inoffice, was ill advised. Why? He should have spent some time setting the stage for the comment, now he has to spend all his time explaining what he meant by it. A rookie mistake.

Now he says he would go into, invade Pakistan if the info was there to get the bad guys. Not a smart move, Obama; especially when yoiu were against a war from the beginning and would have never voted to go in the first place. But yet he would invade another country. he and his entourage are sending all their time explaining and defending his statement. Another rookie mistake.

Then there was some statement that he would authorize the use of nukes. Not sure about this story, just something I over heard on the telly. But a sweeping statement like this, if true, is another rookie mistake.

Thinki Obama would make a pretty good president, but if he keeps making mistakes like these; it will be this election that he gets the chance.

I am CHUQ and I have no idea who approved this message.



tumbleweed said...

He made a couple of mistakes that shows how inexperienced he is. If we were at peace I might look at him differently, but I don't feel he's quite ready to be a player on the world stage yet.

CHUQ said...

I agree--he is making rookie mistakes that will not help him.

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