17 August 2007

A Chuq-ian Observation

Alrighty then, let us begin. N Korea was a bad boy and the US whacked its pee-pee and now they seem to be negotiating in sort of good faith. What made NK a threat? They have a nuke and tested it. N. Korea has nothing of value to the US. Who did they threaten in reality? According to Bush, everybody. Anyway the point is the US has gotten NK into negotiations. And they seem to be a successful meeting.

OK, now we go to Iran. One of the "Axis Of Evil", according to Bush. They do not have nuke but they are trying to acquire it. At least according to Bush, but instead of trying negotiationms they prefer to confront Iran on many fronts. If meetings worked with NK why is it assumed it woll not work for Iran?

Apparently Bush thinks that confrontation and sanctions and such will bring to leadership in Iran down. I say it will not. All this confrontation will just help the mullahs remain in power. When the people start feeling the brunt of the sanctions they will turn to the mullahs for guidence and that cannot be good for the country. Right now the people are really not happy with the government. Especially thye young they seem to be more progressive and open to the west. But the government has executed 118 people who pissed off the mullahs, 150 are waiting for some form of execution, about 20,000 are in prison for dress codes violations and about 6000 are in prison for sexual crimes, like sex and such. None of this is playing to good with young Iranians. Maybe thye US should start considering a possible play with the young progressive Iranians, for they are the ace in the hole that the US has been looking for in the past.

A deal with Iran is possible, but not by the confrontation bullsh*t of the presaent administration.


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