20 August 2007

Professor's Classroom

Good morning Class. It is time for the ever present pop quizz.

In an early American song the words, "turbaned heads bowed" were changed to "brow of the brave". Which tune was this from?

Simple, huh?

well since it is I will give you a bonus question to assist your score.

What does the term "casus belli" mean in reference to foreign policy?

Good luck and please keep silent I need a nap!


tumbleweed said...

Before he revised it in the War of 1812, Francis Scott Key's "Star-Bangled Banner" - which would become the American national anthem - described "turbaned heads bowed" to the "brow of the brave."

casus belli is an expression meaning the justification for acts of war.

Have a nice nap CHUQ.lol.

CHUQ said...

Well done! Does Marie know yoiu beat her to it? I gotta find harder questions. lol

tumbleweed said...

Yea. She says she's sorry she didn't get over in time, as she usually beats me to it.lol.

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