30 August 2007

Katrina--2 Years Later--Part 2

I apologize for my harping on the storm stuff. But I lived through that 14 hour nightmare and I see things different than those who watched it on TV.

Yesterday Bush was in New Orleans and said "Better days are ahead". Where was he standing? apparently he does not visit the same areas I do, for I see little progress short of debris removal in the areas most effective. There are some good stories, like the schools in NO have improved 100%. That is about it as far as the people go. Business is getting a boost, but the people are getting the shaft.

Then on to Bay St. Louis, MS, where Bambi said, 'We have alot of work to do'. I was there and thought I would puke! WE? Who the hell is WE? The people did it on there own with the help of volunteers, the govt sat around watching the Coast take a hit and did NOTHING! The volunteers were a God send and their hard work is appreciated. Bambi needs to stay away from the Hurricane areas and keep his f*cking mouth shut.



Remember the stories that flew around after the storm about people spending their FEMA money on diamonds and such? If not, there were stories about people who spent their money elsewhere, you know the $1500. To begin with, that us say you have a house worth $80,000 and your Ins will not pay and you did not qualify for FEMA loan, but you got $1500 for kicks, what would you do with it, if all else was hopeless?

Now my point is, how many of the victims of tornadoes that get FEMA are followed around to see where they spend the money? I have heard of none. Why? Most are white and not poor! So if you think that that did not play in the reactions to the storm, I think you are wrong. To this day people are worried about the resturants, hotels and such, the poor people are all but forgotten.

70,000 homes were destroyed by Katrina, 2 yrs later 16, ooo on the MS Coast still have no home. And your dickhead Pres comes and tells us that "better days are ahead". Thanx bud you really know how to make a people feel loved by their country. I did not mean that! OK, I do want to say to the Pres, "BITE ME A/HOLE"

I am CHUQ and I definitely approved this message.


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