12 August 2007

Weekly News UpDate

I see by the ragged clock on the wall, it is Sunday----Sunday---Sunday and time for my news update. ALL THE VIEWS THAT SHOULD NOT BE NEWS!

1--Weekly World News will stop publication after 28 yrs. What will the world do without Bat Boy?

2--Ford and now Chevy have announced they will no longer produce a minivan. I guess low milage and hi consumption SUVs are more desireable.

3--Mitt has a son named TAGG. What is it with rich people naming their kids? I guess George, Tom or Mike is not good enough for them.

4--Rudy's daughter will be supporting Obama in the elction. Nothing like the closeness of political families, huh?

5--McCain's campaign worker, Bob Allen, a state lawmaker was arrested for offering to give an undercover cop a BJ for $20. You have got to love Conservs and their stances and then their actions. tee hee!

6--Wal-Mart will soon begin selling Jesus action figures--I got nothing for a comment! I cannot make this sh*t up!

7--Oh yeah, a mine collapsed in Utah--6 miners are trapped--this should be good for a weeks worth of interviews.

8--A new Hawwaiian TV station is received its call letters from the FCC, you gotta love this, K-U-N-T. Personally, I would keep them and make the best of it. Would make for great progamming!

9--Last but far from least!
Did you guys hear about the bridge in Minnesota that collapsed?

Well sports fans, that is about the total of the sworthless bullsh*t I found during the week, ENJOY!

Until next time--Peace Out!


tumbleweed said...

No.8 is a classic.Ha Ha.

Great list CHUQ.

CHUQ said...

Thanx, I enjoy finding worthless crap that makes the news.

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