08 August 2007

Another Democratic Moment

This one was billed as a forum and not a debate--semantics! I was a replay of all the previous meetings of these candidates. The only difference is these guys were trying to impress labor, so every other word out of the lying mouths was labor related. Again I will give my impression, take it or leave or just flush it when you are finished; really does not matter to me.

Clinton--as typical well rehearshed.

Obama--general chest thumping and more rhetoric.

Edwards--Good points--too long winded was trying to hard

Richradson--had little chance to make his points

Biden--solid response to the questions, always with clarification.

Kucinich--He was cooking and responded forcibly and with passion

Dodd--too damn stoic

Gravel--was he there? Is so I missed him on all occassions!

Ok Professor, pick a winner! Kucinich would be the winner, IMO, if I had to vote today for Pres it would be him. Biden was second, but lack something, not quite sure what. He answered the question with conviction, but soime thing was not there. Third would be Edwards, I will not vote for him but at least he tried to inject some passion into his responses. The rest were just f*cking boring.

That is the word and the truth and the truth will set you free.


For several occassions Rudy has said thyat the Democratics will not use the term "Islamic Terrorists" and in doing so are ignoring the fact that they are out to get the US. well, Rudy should be happy, Hilary used the term last night. So now the US can be safe from the horrible "bad guys" because someone finally used the term.


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tumbleweed said...

I didn't see a clear cut winner in the debate. Clinton was too guarded and seemed sort of flat in her staements.

Edwards was crying again,

Obama too rehearsed and not vey convincing.

Richardson, well I'm not sure he is a great public speaker because he seems to get flustered easy.

Biden did good.

I have a hard time connecting with Dodd for some reason.

Kucinich probably did the best,and he does have a hot wife.

Gravel was in Alaska burning documents and trying to remove the hard drive from his computer before the feds showed up to investigate him too.

As for Rudy, I wonder if he can make a statement without using 9-11.

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