13 August 2007

Professor's Classroom

My head tells me it is Monday and the class must be started. Sorry, but It is my job! LOL

Keeping with the NA thing this is another question along those lines.

"The only good Indian is a dead Indian" that quote comes from Gen. Philip Sheridan which is not what he said, the real quote is as follows.

"The only good Indians I ever saw were dead".

Any who, what incident happen that made Sheridan utter his infamous quote?

Good luck and good hunting! Do you research quietly, I am gonna take a nap.


Meme said...

Interesting, Chuq! I had heard that saying before, but didn't know it had been changed along the way...

The Story behind It: In January, 1869, General Sheridan held a conference with 50 Indian chiefs at Fort Cobb in the so-called Indian Territory (later part of Oklahoma). At that time, Sheridan, who had gained recognition as a Union officer in the Civil War, was in charge of the Dept. of the Missouri. One of his duties was to oversee the Indian Territory, making sure that the Indians remained on their reservations and did not harass the white settlers. When Comanche chief Toch-a-way was introduced to Sheridan at the conference, the Indian said, "Me Toch-a-way, me good Indian." Sheridan reportedly smirked and replied, "The only good Indians I ever saw were dead." Later on, the remark became "The only good Indian is a dead Indian."

CHUQ said...

Good work Tumble! These are getting too easy, lol

CHUQ said...

Marie, I am so sorry, it is too early I read your name as Tumble, damn I need coffee! Marie, welcome back I have missed you.

tumbleweed said...

Well, I told her about the question but I can't take credit for it.Ha ha.

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