03 August 2007

A Bridge Too Far-----Page Two

Have you heard that a bridge in Minnesota collapsed? All day the same story over and over and over........

Congress has authorized $250 million for recovery....Recovery? What recovery? clean-up maybe, but recovery?

Was it the only bridge across the Mississippi? Was there a wide path of destruction? Were homes and businesses destroyed? What f*cking recovery? The people will be inconvienced by having to drive around the site. What they gonna get paid for the drive? What recovery?


CNN's morning show has a new slogan, " more news stories per hour than any place else!!!!"

Guess what? They peed all over that promise the first day, by reporting the same story over and over and over.........All the news I can use. BULLSH*T!

Now back to the bridge----Some are blaming Bush--maybe, but not really, as much as I would like to, I cannot. However the State can be blamed, for they were told about the condition of the bridge 2 yrs ago. It was not really that important. But in the meantime they did find the money to finance a new stadium for the Twins, who, BTW, are owned by a billionaire. I guess the priorities are different when you are dealing with a billionaire, huh?

I would imagine there will be a plethora of lawsuitsa once everyone settles down and the lawyers come out with cards in hand.

Time to move on, this is a local story now, the media has interviewed everyone within a 100 miles of the site , to include a couple of catfish.

I be gone!



tumbleweed said...

Throwing money at the problem was a PR move. The state is responsible for the bridge, they should pay to replace it.IMO.Bush has no problem spending money on a bridge but he crys poorhouse when it come to other domestic issues that are just as important.

CHUQ said...

Like I have said welcome back my friend, nice to see you again. The bridge is a tragedy, but it is a local tragedy and as such after one day of reporting it should be a local job from there on.

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