24 August 2007

Maliki--The Man

This is a ChuqSpeak addition***********

I am so gosh darn happy with the government and the way they handle failure. They never cease to amaze me and keep me on my tippy toes.

Bush has recently stated that he has no confidence, or little confidence, in the presidency of Maliki. (thinking...thinking....) Gee! Really! I must have missed that memo! Hey Bambi--this has been talked about by me and about a ba-zillion other bloggers for over a year. May I suggest that since you are f*cking spying on us all that some of your sneaky petes try reading what us bloggers are saying. Apparently we are a lot smarter than the ass wads you have working for you.

Where does the realization come from? The morning sh*t! Or the morning session with overpaid yes men that are afraid to have set of nuts? Hey Americans! You voted for this guy, how has that worked out for you?

Also the media, they are just so gosh darn on the ball, that they need an award--thinking of giving the whole industry the Assie Award--since they keep their collective heads up their collective asses--they deserve it. Not one of them has enough guts to go look for bloggers that are on the ball, instead they stay with the bullsh*t artist. Why? They are collegues and deserve attention, not the fact that they are accurate, but more that they are just collegues and as such are more in-tuned than others. Well--BULLSH*T! I say to all the media--they are TOOLS and know it but yet to keep their access to whatever they will adjust their opinion to stay in line with the corporate one. The media has become as worthless as tits on a boar.

This is my opinion and if you.....f*ck it! I need a nap!



tumbleweed said...

Good one CHUQ. lol.

The media is bullshit. They aren't representing the needs of Americans who want to know what to hell is going on. I seldom even watch anymore.

CHUQ said...

I watch, but I am waiting to see when someone, anyone in the media calls these a/holes on the situation. So far I have been unimpressed with the media.

CHUQ said...

As always Tumble, I appreciate your support and i miss Marie's comments. She needs to hurry back. LOL

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