18 August 2007

Professor's Poll Watch

I thought I would start a new feature on my blog and put in some poll numbers of what the average American does, says and thinks. I hope you guys enjoy it.

This one is from Harris Interactive:

89% say that texting while driving is dangerous and should be outlawed. In the same poll 57% say they do it. Makes me want to stay off the roads.

This next poll is from Gallup:

Clinton is at 48% approval; Obama has slid to 26%. Call me a conspiracist if you want, but this slide is a bit suspect to me. Like Obama is being told that he will not be the nominee and that he has to work to keep Clinton in the lead. The drop was just too much to believe, at least for me.

If anyone has other polls they would like to publish please put them in. Til next time, the Professor will take a rest for a couple of days. TTFN!

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