21 August 2007

A ChuqSpeak

Hopefully, you are a frequent reader and know that this feature is where I rant about words and the way they used by society, media, et al.

In todays news the Cat 5 Hurricane Dean is all the talk. I even heard the mnedia call it "a potentially catastrophic" storm. "Potentially catastrophic"? a Cat 3 storm, Katrina, did $81.5 billion in damage and Dean is a Cat 5. So I think the use of the word "potentially" is pretty f*cking stupid!

Do you recall this bridge that fell in Minnesota? 13 people died and the media has called it a catastrophic occurrance. Again 13 people died, a sad thing indeed, but a catastrophy? Again, it was not a catastrophy, it was a damn shame and could have been avoided, but to use the term catastrophic is just plain f*cking stupid!

I say--MEDIA! Stop assigning titles to diasters! Just report the f*cking news and let the knowledge speak for itself.

On a side note---the governor of Minn said on CNN that the down bridge was costing the economy $21 million. thinking...thinking...was it a toll bridge? Where and why are they losing that much money? Is there no other bridges across the river that can be used? This story is starting to look like a continuation of the bullsh*t started with Paris and Lohan.

Thanx I feel better now; a good bitch is always a good thing. Damn, I love my job!



tumbleweed said...

As I understand it, Dean was a Category 5 when it struck land, but it came ashore in a sparsely populated, animal refuge area. That is why it didn't do much structural damage. What it does after it goes out over the gulf and strikes a densly populated area when it hits land again might be a different story.

The good news with the bridge seems to be they recovered all the missing persons, so the families will have closure.

CHUQ said...

I nagree that the families should be able to grieve and put it to bed.

But damage to a wildlife area could bring more damage to residences with the loss of trees and such. It is not over for Mexico.

But no matter where the hurricane hit it is a catastropy, not a potential one.

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