27 August 2007

There Goes Gonzo

Flash! Stop the Presses! Alberto Gonzales has resigned.

Now all those little people that were worried about it can now sleep nites. Now you can shut the hell up about impeachment. Now what are you gonna bitch about?

Good timing? Who cares? Since the Pres is getting more popular in the polls he does not now need a focal point for the Dems. He was using Gonzo to keep the heat off of himself; now he does not need the guy. So it is okay for him to split; he is no longer needed. So with that said what the hell will the so called reps be doing when they return? Will the address the war? Sure they will, it will be a waste of time and that is what we pay them for--to waste out money.

Can we pleasae move on now! Can we please start addressing the problems of the American people? Try it! you might like it!

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