08 August 2007

Democratic Dream Ticket

I have been hearing this rumbling for a month or more--Some are predicting a democratic ticket in 08 of Clinton/Obama. My thoughts are why? but since I carry no weight, that does not need to be answered. I see this as a good possibility, they both will draw a large amount of voters and a huge amount of financial support. IMO. it could be an unbeatable duo.

A Clinton/Obama ticket would click with foreign policy, they both have similar views of Iraq and with the exception of some minor differences; they would make a nice couple.

Could this be the future? It would help Obama with his next run for president, I do not think it will be Clinton's choice but the party machine may win out. Dems want the White house and this would almost assure them the win.

Personally, I worry about the next administration. There are problems that need to be addressed and I am not sure they will be. No matter who wins in Nov. '08; all I can say is God help us!


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