23 August 2007

Bush And His Comparisons

Recently, your President finally found a compariosn of Iraq to Vietnam. Well done, Bambi! He said that if we pull out of Iraq as we did in Vietnam then thousands will die, as they did in VN and Cambodia and points north.

First of all, does he read or watch the news? Apparently not! Thousands are already dying because we are there. thousand s are maimed because we just had to topple Saddam. So Bambi, I would say that part of the argument is pretty lame.

He cited democracies in the region like Japan, Korea and Vietnam. Vietnam? You know that communist country where over 50,00 Americans died. You know the country that we brought democracy to through the communists. Come on Bambi, you gotta do better. OK how about Japan? Democracy was forced on them also, no resistence because of WWII and the big bomb thing. They would have agreed to anything. Maybe Bambi should consider a nuke for Iraq, they would become devastated and we could have our way with them. We helped Korea and out reward was the continuing troop deploy for their protection. SH*T! that could be Iraq!

I need to point out a few things here. The US was never in Cambodia, that is the story and they will stick to it. The constant bombing of Cambodia and Laos by B-52's was one of the reasons for the growth of Khmer Rouge ans Pathet Lao. So the US policies were the cause of the rise of these organizations. Sound familiar?

And then there was the famous "Domino Theory". This stated that if Indo-China fell to the commies then the rest of the world was in jeopardy. How did that work mout for them? It was BULLSH*T then it is BULLSH*T now! Sorry guys, but Uncle Ho only wanted his country, Vietnam to be a complete country. He had NO aspirations of world domination. Does that mean the Government lied? You f*cking decide!

This will probably be effective to the run of the mill voter. Is it true? Not a f*cking word!!!!!

I have spoken--I can because I was there--Bambi is full of sh*t!



tumbleweed said...

Bush is a dumnbass grasping at straws.Iraq is the result of retards like him thinking they know how to run a war.Iraq, like Nam, are what you get when they try to run a war from Washington and not the battlefield. Being mister nice GI Joe won't win a war.

CHUQ said...

Tumble--agfain I posted a story about the reaction of Vietnam to his statements. It is an interesting read.

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