19 August 2007

Weekly News UpDate

I have just emerged from a think tank session, the Insomniac Roundtable, and realized that it is time for me to get busy and give my readers, ALL THE NEWS THAT SHOULD BE SERVED WITH BOOZE! That is right, it is time for the weekly news roundup.

1--New controls for pollution on the beaches in the NE, no feeding of birds. Nothing like a well thought out environmental policy.

2--French pres, Sarkozy, has met with Bush in Maine and he brought along his knees pads. Watch the news they will be big buds.

3--Cal Ripken, jr. will be the new sports envoy for the State dept. What! Huh! Is there aneed for a baseball player to be named an envoy?

4--Merv Griffin craps out!

5--FOX TV has started a new ALL REALITY channel. Now there is a story worth the air time. Stupidity 24/7--thinking--well it will compliment FOX News.

6--God hates Bridges!!!!! collapse in Minn, collapse in China, collapse in N korea, blown up in Iraq--why does god hate bridges? Inquirying minds want to know!

7--Man wraps head in duct tape and tries to rob liquor store. (Chuq shakes head in disbelief)

8--Man robs gas station with mop head on his head and wearing shades. I cannot make this sh*t up. Stupidity is rampanant in the US.

9--There are approximately 2 drug compnay lobbyists for every one member of Congress. I smell lots of money changing hands.

10--Prostitution is growning exponentially in China. There are somewhere between 1 and 10 million hookers in the country. (Chuq must make it quick, he has a pocket full of cash and plane ticket.)

May you enjoy this and the rest of your Sunday.

Tune in next week--same Bat Time, same Bat Channel!

1 comment:

tumbleweed said...

Great roundup CHUQ.

Prostitution is growning exponentially in China.

Good one, but we seem to be the ones getting screwed.lol.

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