10 August 2007

Racially Accepted

I have been watching and thinking about the dating sites that we see on TV and on-line. The one that really caught my eye was e-Harmony. The say for $39 and the filling out of a questionaire you to can find your perfect mate. Well look at the site, from what I have read is that at least 1 million people have been turned down since it began. If true, why?

One thing that comes to mind is that it must be racially correct. Look at the couples white and white, black and black, asian and asian; no where do they depict a mixed couple or even a gay couple. Apparently if you fill out the questionaire and prefer someone other than your race or someone of the same gender, you are no accepted.

It is pretty silly. People will be people, but this group wants to keep the races pure.


tumbleweed said...

I just wish I'd quit getting spam from e-Harmony through my yahoo account.lol.

CHUQ said...

It looks like it is a racial pure sight, IMO. Or at leasst a religious dating site. Oh yeah, thanx for the visits, always good to hear from you.

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