16 August 2007


For several months now a lot of lip service has been given to the process of impeachment. Not a good thing in my opinion. I mean everybody from a mother of a killed soldier to a US Congressman have called for the impeachment of Bush. Why? Well the INKWELL 3 spent a good portion of time on this subject and we came up with the following. Impeachment would be a waste of time and energy. Bush and Cheney and whoever else will be gone in less than 18 months. if they press this they will spend all their time trying to get the ducks in a row and domestic programs that need attention would be on the backburner. It would be a waste of time! Unless the major concern is to crap on the legacy of a sh*tty president.

Another reason I am against the action is, I think the Dems if they pursue this will look like a bunch of whiny butt losers and that would effect the election next Nov. Most Americans already think or feel that Bush is a lair and view his presidency with contempt and mockery. To pursue this further than talking about it would unleash months upon months of bickering partisanship that would plunge the Congress into turmoil and the Dems will be blamed.

The Bush Admin has given the American people a look into a real conserv agenda, so now the Dems should stick to stuff they can give a weary people hope and action. Stay away from political stunts! The Repubs are waiting for them to make this mistake.


note: The INKWELL 3 consist of myself my dog Jazi and my daughters dog Maggie. A more scholarly group there never was. LOL

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