05 August 2007

Weekly News UpDate

It is another sunday and that means another news update, you lucky people! All news that is a tag line from a song in the blues.

1--It is raining airplanes! 2 regular prop planes and 4 choppers, not a good week to be a pilot.

2--Scary thing--record High temps in Idaho and Montana. I use to go there in the summer to cool off, well that plan has to be changed.

3--Chief Justice had a seizure--not really, he just tripped obver the constitution while stomping on it.

4--Let's talk sports! It is outta control, ya'll. Scandals in NBA, MLB, NFL, to mention a few. I expect batter from guys we pay way too much.

5--GARLIC--some resturants in rome are trying to outlaw the use of it in cooking. What are thyey thinking? Would it be Italian without garlic--I think not!

6--More food stuff--VEGANS in the Us are trying to keep their followers from dating or screwing or anything else that is fun, with meat eatersw. (thinking.....thinking.....) All I can say, is that the Vegans I know I would not want to f*ck anyway. Problem solved!

7--Did you guys hear that a bridge collapsed? If not, please email you location, sounds like somewhere I would like to live!

That is about it for the week. Not much more because of the bridge thing, that of course, was the only news in the world last week.

Paece and Out!



tumbleweed said...

Crazy week huh CHUQ?lol.

Good recap.

CHUQ said...

Thanx and yes a crazy but uninformative week. I hate that! lol

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