11 August 2007

Can A Palestinian Compromise Be found?

I do sincerely hope that my readers are aware of the situation in the Palestinian territories. If not then this post will make little sense to them.

I realize with the media attention being drawn onto this situation, it will be hard for some to contemplate some of the proposals that are offered here. Hamas according to the world is a terrorist org, but it was thrusted into a leadership role by participating in the election process, which the peoploe voted them into the role of leaders. For this reason an attempt needs to be made to include them in the process, for they were put into the fray by the democratic vote of the Palestinian people. For whatever reason that they were voted into power, they are a legit group. Yes, they seem to support terrorist aims and tactics, but there has got to be a way to include them in the political outcome.

I like the following tactics:

A more promising course would be for Fatah and Hamas to immediately cease hostile action against each other and begin to reverse steps that are entrenching separation between Gaza and the West Bank and undermining democratic institutions. In the longer run, they should seek a new power-sharing arrangement, including:

  • a clearer political platform, explicitly endorsing the Arab Peace Initiative;
  • a commitment to a reciprocal and comprehensive Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire;
  • reform of the security services, to include de-factionalisation and integration of Hamas’s Executive Security Force;
  • reform of the PLO, expanding it to include Hamas and Islamic Jihad;
  • formation of a new unified government approved by the parliament; and
  • consideration of early presidential and legislative elections, although not before one year before the establishment of new government.

To facilitate this, Arab states and other third parties should offer their mediation and monitoring of any agreement. If an agreement is reached, the Quartet should be prepared to engage with a new government politically and economically.

Peace has got to be found for the region, there has been enough death, destruction and suffering.


05 August 2007


tumbleweed said...

Fatah and Hamas seem to be too split at the moment to even consider any reconciliation. Hamas wants to rule by force.

There is no way any governing body can negotiate a peace plan if their only bargaing chip is the use of terrorism.IMO.

CHUQ said...

I feel likie the Pal people will start making more of a difference soon. At least, they should stand up to these bullies and demand representation.

tumbleweed said...

The Palestinians seem to be caught between a rock and a hard place. I believe I read somewhere today that Hamas beat some Fatah demonstrators or supporters.

Conditions don't seem to be getting any better in the Gaza strip.

CHUQ said...

The sad part is all this sh*t iis falloing on nthe heads of the average Pal who wants nothing more to earn a living and to live in some sort of peace. It is reALLY SAD!

tumbleweed said...

They need a third party just as much as we do.They have two governing bodies where the have to pick the lesser of 2 evils.

They even seem to have got the same results we did.

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