02 August 2007

A Bridge Too Far

I am assuming tha most everyone knows that a bridge across the Mississippi in Minnesota has collapsed and people have died. Does any of this ring a bell? Well, if not just turn on your TV and you willo be caught up to date in about the first 15 minutes.

The Media is talking to absolutely anyone that has an opinion on the collapse of the bridge and I DO mean absolutely every-f*cking-one. It seems that a couple of years ago a Fed report gave the bridge a pretty bad overall review, to the point of to consider replacing it. Good God! But allo things considered, the inconvience to the commuters, the disruption of commerce, etc etc, it was not done. However a state inspection gave the bridge a good review. I guess someone will have to explain this to the families of the dead. All the excuses that were given why not to shut the bridge down are pretty much what happens when it collapses. The only difference is that a voluntary shut down does not kill anyone.

Now this is a huge disaster! But the media is loving it! Why? They have to do very little work, it is a built in story. It was national news when it happened, but now it is regional news and I would say let the local affliates handle it from now on and let them give the new updates as they come in.

I am sure that there is news and stuff happening around the world right now and that could be reported on. This is another V. Tech story, it will go on for weeks and weeks; the only thing we will not learn is the shoe size of the first person killed.

Move on the world is turning and shit is happening!



tumbleweed said...

I'll tell ya what gets me wound up are those interviews they have with the victims families. Grieving people being taken advantage of for the sake of a news clip pisses me off to no end. Leave these people alone and take your mike somewhere else where you aren't exploiting someones's grief.

CHUQ said...

I agree, but alos they are interviiewing people who heard the bridge fall, please, move on. ratings.

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