29 August 2007

Senator And The BJ

I was gonna let this situation go and allow everyone else make their little statements on the situation. But I cannot, alas! here goes, we all know, by now, the whole story as reported in the media. A short synopsis--Idaho Sen, Craig, goes to toilet in airport and solicits an undercover cop for the purpose of having gay sex. He pleads guilty and pays $575 fine on a lesser charge. Now that he has been found out, he is crying that he should not having pleaded guilty and should have had advice of council in his hearing.

Let me think........he was stupid and now wants to retract his guilty plea. If he does that, is it not perjury? I mean he lied on a sworn statement that he had to make to enter the plea. That is a felony! Or did I miss something?

The Republicans really need to do some house cleaning before they continue the anti-gay, moral high ground bullsh*t. This guy is so f*cked up that he is willing to commit perjury trying to hide his actions. Was not the conservatives the "law and order" guys? See what happens when they stay too long in their gigs; they get this superiority complex and feel like they can do no wrong. Time to wake all these SOBs up and give them a taste of the reality that they are above--send them all home and let them look for employment elsewhere.


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