19 August 2007

Snow Will Leave The White house

Tony Snow has announced that he will step0 down. When? No word of exact date, but he will leave. At least he is honest, he will leave because of money. It seems these politicos cannot live on $150,000+ salary. It is said that he took a pay cut to become press sec. I say it was a diberate move for his stock will go up now and he can make money hand over fist and by the wheel barrow full. After all, is that not why you come to Washington?

Who will take his place? Proably the broad. Why spend the time looking for someone elsewhere when the admin has less than 18 months left in town?

It will be interesting to see who else bails on Bush. since the memo about if you stay past Labor Day you are in for the rest of the term. I think more will bail. The smell of money is ever present and everyone will want their share of the booty.


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tumbleweed said...

I don't really like him anyway. He was just as big a critic of Bush as all the other talking heads, but when he took this job that all changed.

I guess Bush and company concidered him a credible liar.lol.

Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out Tony.

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