09 August 2007

A Bridge Too Far---Part 3

In Minnesota, the media is calling the bridge collapse catastrophic...(thinking...)...people, people--it was a bridge, at worst 13 people may have died and a few cars were f*cked up--where is the catastrophy? Did thousands of homes get destroyed? Did hundreds of people die? The only thing that will be catastrophic will be the traffic jams on the remaining bridges. Please stop it!

OK, I let us look at the proposed gas hike to fund the program of bridge and road repair. Since the '60's the american people have been paying local, state and fed taxes on gas and now you will be asked to pay more. What did they spend the funds on that they already have collected over the years? Oh sorry, war comes to mind! States have also collected their share of road taxes and yet it was seldom spent on roads or bridges or the infrastructure at all. So I would say that it is the state's responsibility to find the funds that they crapped away on pet projects.

Where I live a prisoner died while in custody of the local sheriff and the trial found the group guilty of murder and violation of civil rights. Now the politicians have said they will raise the property taxes to pay for the lawsuit of some $115 million. So you see politicians want the people to pay the price for their screw ups. Is this wrong? You bet your ass it is!

The American people need to stand up and demand that their tax dollars go for what it was collected for and not pet projects like stadiums built for billionaires. Demand justice and accountability.

The bridge is nothing but a bridge and your politicians have ignored and now you pay the price. If you allow it, you deserve it!


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