14 August 2007

What To Do? What To Do?

The government in Baghdad is disinergrated as we speak. Maliki is up to his American bought ass in problems. The sunnis have taken it on the lame from the government, the Kurfds think hi s a Iranian stooge and the Americans are praying that this lame duck can get his sh*t together and save the government that the US has put together. Dream on!

Maliki is a worhtless lump of American crap! If he cannot promise his way to retaining power, then a power grab will begin and the us wilol either have to step aside and let it take its course or it willo have to be in the middle of it to preserve their investment in Maliki. Either way, the US has screwed themselves into a corner and will most likely be seen as the instigator of the problems.

Maliki has tried to put together a crisis summit to solve these problems withinh his government. He will have to tap dance quicker than Gonzo to save his political ass. I will be watching the events as they unfold; I do not see Maliki surviving without the US getting involved heavily. If the Sunnis are winning this political struggle, the US will be in deep sh*t. Never mind the tribes working with the US against al-Qaeda, that is a temporary thing. The media and the Admin have made a lot more out of the cooperation than there really is. The tribes are doing what they must to survive. They will be pushing on Maliki and his government, only the might of the US military will bring an end to this power struggle. But the question is, Are we willing to chance the intervention? I say we are. Why? OIL!



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