23 August 2007

Iraq's PM Grows "Cajones"

Everybody and their little sister has calling Maliki a worthless limp of sh*t, well, not in those words, but I do tend to flourish my words.

President George W. Bush, under pressure to show results in the unpopular war or start bringing troops home, also urged Maliki to do more to bring together Iraq's warring Shi'ite Muslim majority and minority Sunni Arabs.

As the diplomatic heat rose, violence in the country continued. A suicide bomber killed 20 people in an attack on a police headquarters in Baiji, and 14 U.S. military were killed in a helicopter crash in northern Iraq blamed on mechanical failure, the worst incident of its kind since January 2005.

With Crocker three weeks away from delivering a pivotal progress report to Congress that could signal a change of U.S. policy in Iraq, Bush also said there was "a certain level of frustration" with Iraq's leadership.

Maliki's response was blunt. "The Iraqi government was elected by the Iraqi people," he told reporters in the Syrian capital.

You go boy! But sorry bud, it is too little too late! At least in the eyes of Washington. They have to sell the war again in September when Patraeus shows up with his truckload of crap. They will need a scapegoat and guess what Mr. Maliki, you be it!

The Administration has slowly but slowly worked the press to the point that it is reporting how successful the surge is going. Bush is playing the media like the cheap ass drum it is, so no matter which way the report goes, the Admin has it covered and they can claim success. You would think that seasoned journalist would be smarter than that. HUH?

Think I am being a doom and gloom person, just wagtch the proceedings on CSPAN. And then keep an eye on the Congress. If you are surprised by the outcome of the report hearings, then may I suggest that you stop flogging your jolly and keep up!

The American people, as a whole, are idiots when it comes to World Politics, sh*t they cannot even keep up with national politics, so how could they be expected to see the world as it really is, not as some microcephalic Bambi tells them it is? Remove your head from your ass! Take a whiff of fresh air, once in awhile.



tumbleweed said...

There is more talk every day about Maliki being the root of the problem. He can make all the BS comments and tough talk he wants but it's the Iraqi people he has to answer to and they aren't happy with him either.

CHUQ said...

Tumble--check the forum. Allawi, the ex-interim pres has hired a lobbyist firm to sell him to the Congress. I find that interesting. BTW, the firm is owned by the governor of MS who use to be in Congress. Cool! He is an ass!

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