30 August 2007

Bhutto/Musharraf And Pakistan

I realize that many people are following the occurrences happening in Pakistan; I am and why? So when it goes to crap I can be the first to say, "I Told You So". I love my job!

Bhutto and Musharaff have been in talks for a couple on months about the possibility of a power sharing deal, where they both are somehow in control of the Pakistani government. Think about this! Bhutto wants Musharaff to give up his control of the army, the only thing that keeps him in power, other than the US. Bhutto is leery of the army because her father was PM he was killed by an army coup. She just wants to cover her butt. Right? I say not really, she wants Musharraf to be weakened and she will make her move to seize complete control of the government.

Will she by a good PM? Her last time the administration was shot full of corruption. Her husband was known as Mr. 10%, when she was the PM. He was in control of overseeing all foreign investment in Pakistan and to do business there he would get 10% of the gross amount of the business deal. When she was running last time she promised to help women move out of the shadows and become a more prominent factor in Pakistani life. Once she was PM, women never came up again. She is a politician, enough said?

Will she help bring stability to Pakistan? probably in the short haul, but I see her as wanting all the power and she will be looking for a way to eliminate Musharraf. Old habits die hard.

And then there is Sharif. Another opponent that is being ignored; he will have a hard on if the deal between Bhutto and Musharraf goes into full swing. he also will be pursuing a path to power. So IMO, this power sharing deal will look good for awhile, but it will not last. It is only a matter of time before Pakistan blows a valve and the US will be up to there butts in another civil conflict.

We will see. I am waiting for my chance to state the obvious.


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Anonymous said...

quick comment, we can't let Pakistan become a "Rogue Nation." You know enough to know why

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