31 August 2007

Finally They Get A Taste Of War

It would appear that a US plane carrying some Senators and Reps came under enemy fire as they tried to land in Iraq. Good! Now these guys get a taste of war. I will bet the first thing they did was look for a changing room so they could get out of there sh*t stained drawers.

I will look forward to their comments on the situation as they landed and their views on the surge. But please, stop going to Iraq. I am tired of my taxes beoing spent on these a/holes and their fact finding missions. which is just an excuse to go globe hopping. Are there families on this trip? Are their sons comfortable in some hotel in Munich? If they want to go to Iraq, give them a gun and a position to hold. They want to know how the surge is working then let them be part of it, that should calm their concerns.

What assclowns!


This is another in a long line of ChuqSpeaks--May the force be with you!

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