31 August 2007

Senator Larry Craig (R-ID)

Ok this guy is a lair and a hypocrite. Hypocrite? That depends. If he was an outspoken opponent of gay marriage and such because the people he represented was that way, then the man was doing his job. He was voting and speaking the people's conscience not his. That is what you pay him to do. I cannot believe that I am defending this guy, but in my opinion, I send people to Congress to vote my will, not theirs. If in fact that was what this guy was doing then I applaud him. No matter what his preferences were he stood for the people in his district. His personal decisions in the case were as stupid as you can get.

My problem is that he plead guilty to a misdemeanor and now is admitting that he lied in his plea. well, Senator that is perjury and that is a felony. What are you thinking? Granted your political career is over, but do you really want to be a felon?

They say that when trouble arrives you find out who your friends really are, BTW, that is a true statement. Moving on Craig has found out that you have no friends when you are a politician.



Roy G. Miller said...

The hub-bub of the alleged senatorial seeking sex in a bathroom stall has TalkShow Land and MediaLand abuzz with debate and discussion. It's a hypocritical firestorm of fingerpointing, feigned disgust and self-righteousness.

I have no idea about Sen. Craig, his morality or misbehavior. I do know this: Sen. Craig is a working man facing an incredibly embarrassing Pivot Point in his life. Sometimes it takes these Moments of Truth to slap us into what we're doing and not doing.

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CHUQ said...

Roy tanx for the visit and I will stop by yours a little later.

Anonymous said...

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