26 August 2007

Weekly News UpDate

Sunday, the day of rest, well for some. Before I start I would like to apologize for this Update not being too good. You see there was a breach of security in my office, the INKWELL, and some of my notes for this were destroyed......................Long Puase....................Ok here the rest of the story----my grnad daughter was in my office watching SpongeBob and decided to take some notes of her own and totally ruin my notes. LOL

Come on in--kick off your shoes--break the booze--put on some blues--and the worthless news!

1--Bush's daughter, Jenna, is engaged--bet that wedding will be a party!

2--The Federal govt is starting a new registry on line and wants all porn stars to register----thinking----I guess I can understand, I mean since the DC Madame has been busted, it is hard to find women for these guys.

3--Chinese airline lands then explodes into flames and no one dies! Bet there was a huge cleaning bill, all the sh*t in drawers and stuff.

4--VA Tech in the news again--now they are trying to kill ppl with carbon monoxide.

5--A man kills a rattlesanke in his backyard by cutting the head off--he then tries to clean up and the head bit him--(Damn I wish I had a come back, but laughter prevents it)

6--Bolivian lawmakers while debating a bill, break out into a fist fight.....thinking.....sounds like a good way to handle stuff, the winners get their bill. DC oughta try it, but those guys would hurt each other with their purses.

7--Seniors age 50-80 are having more sex a study found.......finally some good news!

8--Did you know that the US has 16 intel gathering agencies? And you wonder why they are so f*cked up?

That is the news you cannot poosibly use--see next week--same time--different channel.



tumbleweed said...

Good recap CHUQ. I found it to be a boring week newswise.

You must have missed the one about the midget who got his tally wacker stuck in a vaccum cleaner attachment and had to get it removed.lol.

CHUQ said...

LOL! I sure did miss that one. Damn I need to get on the ball, huh? LOL

CHUQ said...
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