30 August 2007

A ChuqSpeak

Another ChuqSpeak and have a lovely day.

Partisanship--the loyalty to one party or the other. Sad case of American politics. At least the young are rebelling against being classified and against partisanship. A report says that they do not like being put into categories, since they have different opinions about gays, healthcare, etc. They say that as a whole they share opinions of both parties, and will not be classified as one or the other. They seem to be left leaning on some issues and right leaning on others, at least that is what the report is saying.

Is this good? Well I guess if you like the term Independent it is. But the problem is they WILL NOT go vote, so no matter what they say, they will not stand by it in the voting cycle.

I guess a popular song by john Mayer says it all for them, "waiting for the world to change". They do not want to do it themselves, but instead prefer to wait on change. Tacky, Spuds!


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