22 August 2007

The Failure Of Representative Democracy

Why Is Representative Democracy Failing?

I will speak on the American representative democracy, although most of the so-called rep dems, are falling apart all over the world. There are many reason why I say this, after 40 years of watching and participating in various elections, but the three main reason, IMO are:

Expectation of success is too high.

It fails to motivate the people.

Its very size.

Americans have been taught since childhood that the answers to all problems lie with the parlimentarian process of the representative inbstitutions. I say it is more like indoctrination, but I am a skeptic. We are taught that the word 'politics' is up with the action of the state. Even the corporations urge dissenters to go through thye congress for grievences. Knowing full well that Congress will almost always protect corporate interests.
Representative assemblies are too weak to handle effectiently the problems that is presented with. By their very nature, they are more concerned with the power and the retention of that powwer, through re-elections, etc. As one looks at the present attempts to run for office, the people with the most message are seldom the ones in the lead. This system chooses its leadership by who is marketable and not who has a message. JUst watch the tube if you want to test my theory. Who is in the lead? Is their message clear?

Congress is less and less capable of involving the people. I would likie to believe that the people are becoming wiser and for that reason they see Congress as not the leaders that it pretends to be.

In the US, representative democracy is deeply rooted in mass politics. The individual is nothing more than a consumer ofrhetoric delivered to them through the media. This alone encourages manipulation by elites and give a small chance on realizing the conditions set forth by the founding fathers.

My personal belief is that the system is bfroken and failing the people. A new system needs to be found that will involve all the peole in the decision making process and at all levels. The voter is fed up with the pure bovine fecal matter which comes out of washington. I beleive the election in 2008 will spotlight their disgust for the system as it is and hopefully they will wake up and see there are alternatives.

We can only hope that logic and commonsense will prevail in American politics.


18 August 2007


Teh-stwnerer said...

the only true democracy is direct democracy-electing people to make decisions for you just promotes a newer form of ogliarchy

Anonymous said...


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