29 August 2007

Katrina--2 Years Later

And thew beat goes on. Since I lived through the storm and am well aware of its damage and destruction, I prefer not to relive it yearly. But since politicians are making it good media fodder and I feel I need to address some of the bullsh*t the American people are handed.

First, progress is not being made--destruction is still everywhere. The government has been no help. Developers descend on the MS Gulf Coast and started sucking up land that dreams laid broken on. The only progress being made is profits, the people are still just as bad off as they were a month after the storm.

Your President, I use that term because after the storm I called for the area from Texas border east to Jacksonville and a distance of 50 miles north to remove itself from a Union that cares nothing about its welfare. So Bush is not my president. He uses, like all politicians the area of Katrina to make talking points and a photo op. No one has sat dwn and told the people how they would be saved from the US government.

I have a novel suggestion--DO SOMETHING and then we will talk about the results!


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