27 October 2007

California Fire Hardships

Hardships? What are those hardships? Part of an AP story, "With some of the worst wildfires dying down, many Southern Californians lucky enough to find their homes still standing could nevertheless face hardships for weeks to come, including polluted air, no electricity and no drinking water.

Power lines are down in many burned-over areas, and the smoke and ash could irritate people's lungs for as long as the blazes keep burning.

Randy and Aimee Powers returned to this mountain community in San Diego County on Friday to find their home without electricity or water, after fire trucks drained the town's reservoir."

I am sorry for their losses, but what are the hardships? They can find shelter with no prob. There is plenty of food and places to eat, places to stay and etc. Government has done everything but read them a bedtime story, so what will the hardships be?

The hardships will be emotional and that is something the individual has to deal with. Other than that they have it made!


tumbleweed said...

It seems California was a bit better prepared than the Katrina evacuation.That's the big difference I saw.

CHUQ said...

I see a place that did not have its infrastructure destroyed. It is easy to be on the ball when everything you need is still there.

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