17 October 2007

Tsongas Wins House Seat

Does that name ring a bell? It should she is the widow of Paul Tsongas, democrat presidential hopeful from the 80's. That puts yet another Democrat in the House, it can only help the balance of power in the Congress. Congrats to her!

But I need to ask a few questions. Is it written somewhere that if you were married to a Congressman that you should run for office? She is not alone in her situation. There is a congressperson from Louisiana, and I am sure there are others that I have overlooked. So what makes them attractive to run for office? Name recognition? Something other than that? Just what is it?

Will she be a liberal democrat or a conservative like those lame-os from the South? Since I am not very knowledgeable a bout Northeast politics, I am not sure about her ideology. If there is someone who knows, please enlighten me.

I will reserve my opinion on the new Congresswoman until I see how she handles the issues that come before her.


tumbleweed said...

I have no idea who she or her husband are. I'd have to say it's name recognition.

CHUQ said...

she is a demo. her husband ran for pres in the late 80's in believe.

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