11 October 2007

A Third Party For The Election?

Conservative Christians are not happy with there choices of the candidates in the Republican Party. They are threatening to either start a third party or support a third party candidate. They are looking for someone that will press their moral issues and concerns. None of the front runners of the GOP are gonna be to their liking.

Paul is the only true conservative running in the GOP. He is being successful raising much needed cash. And he is popular with the people. Could he be the new 3rd party candidate if he does not get the nomination? hard to say, if he wants to travel that path again. But the possibility IMO is real high.

In the wings watching all this play out are the Dems; they are jerking off at the thought of a conservative third party candidate. Why? It would bite into the GOP vote and would give them a good victory that they can use to carry out their agenda. Whatever that is.

Dems are praying for the chance to have a 3rd party; it would be a dream come true.

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