21 October 2007

Weekly News UpDate

For once the news was mostly usable. Very little worthless crap this past week. Go figure!

Your mind you could lose, if you think any of this is NEWS!

Its is Sunday, let the week begin or end, whichever you prefer.

1--Sen. Craig becomes a Hall Of Famer--we could speculate, but why it is so easy to just think what you are thinking.

2--Lindsey Lohan is broke--she spent $7.5 million in just the last month on bullsh*t. Stupid is as stupid does!

3--NO Saints won their 1st game--RAH! They are rolling now!

4--Vatican buys a soccer team in Italy--I got nothing on this one!

5--Woman in Fla. finds 7 ft snake in crapper. Bet she craps in the tub from now on.

6--There is a Clown Convention in Mexico City,--NO not politicians--REAL clowns.

7--Brownback drops out of campaign--WHO?

8--In a test of TSA officers at LAX, they missed 75% of the simulated bomb material--I feel so much safer now!

9--Viagra gets a warning label saying that it could cause hearing loss. I will give them a free study report. When taken blood rushes to crank, thus not enough to feed the ears. It is not rocket science, guys!

There is your worthless crap that is reported by the worthless TV media. Now you are truly informed!

Have A Day--Peace--Out!

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