10 October 2007

Why Not Report The Good?

The media focuses on the train wrecks of Lindsay, Britney and other yuppie larva. I guess it is all about ratings. recently I did a piece on the singer Shakira. She attends college and is a good student and has a heart to help people without being forced into "community service".

The latest is Briney has lost kids, may lose dogs and is speeding up the charts with a new song. Lohan is being named in a divorce because she shagged a guy in the bathroom at rehab and wifey found out. Now Lohan is being popped with hit and run charges to go along with the coke and other stuff. Worthless, C word!

Meanwhile back at reality, Shakira has pledged $40 million for the victims of an earthquake in Peru and the hurricane in Nicaragua. As well as, she has a $5 million commitment for projects to alleviate child poverty in the region. Here is one of the few in the music business that is actually trying to make a difference in the world and she gets no credit for her efforts. rather we are bombarded with the endless trivial crap known as Lohan, Brtiney and Paris. These are the poster child that the media is force feeding to your kids. Personally, I would want my kid to know about the good and leave the ugly out of it.

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