09 October 2007

More Katrina Aftermath

It has been 2+ years since the massive destruction of Katrina has left many people without a home. A recent story has reported that 250,000 people displaced by the storm are still living below poverty line. Another report from my area is that the city council is planning to enforce a law that would make it an infraction to have FEMA trailers in your yard. Plus locals are bitching about the FEMA trailer parks that are dotted across the Gulf Coast.

First of all, poverty seems to be a prime motivator of crime. With a hopeless outlook to the future, crime is not that offensive. No one seems to report on this aspect of the rising crime rate in New Orleans. Someone should! If you have nothing to lose, what could it hurt? I am tired of listening to these sanctimonious a/holes sitting in NY or Washington talking about how disgraceful it is in Washington. How can they have any idea about the plight of the people while staying at 4 star hotels? They need to shut the f*ck up! All of them!

Next, the trailers and the problems they impose. The wealthy that have rebuilt are the ones with the biggest mouths. The trailers mean that the government has failed the people of the Coast. Business and profit do not want these reminders to be around it hurts in the sales pitch for new industry. Out of sight, out of mind--if the trailers go away there will be nothing there to remind the people just how screwed they were by their government.

I say leave them where they are! I want the governments, local, state and national to be embarassed as much and as often as possible. They failed the people and they should be reminded daily of that failure.


tumbleweed said...

Well, if they don't want the trailers there they need to help these folks get their life back on track.

CHUQ said...

No that would be too much like right. They want the trailer gone so they can sell the ideas to investors. trailers take away of the the sales pitch.

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