16 October 2007

Professor's Classroom

A day late, you say? Yep! Monday was a "Blog for Action" day and I blogged on the environment with other bloggers. Sorry for the delay--but with the small amount of visits--who would f*cking notice?

Class today is gonna be a short and easy one.

What is Harry S. Truman's middle name?

And since it is so damn easy there is a bonus question.

Why do most men part their hair on the left side?

You may begin and just leave your answers on my desk.


tumbleweed said...

His parents chose "S" as his middle name, in attempt to please both of Harry's grandfathers, Anderson Shipp Truman and Solomon Young, but it didn't stand for anything, as was a common practice among Scotch-Irish.

I'd say most men part their hair on the left side because they are right handed.

CHUQ said...

You be good. Harry's middle name is S. But men part heir hair on the left side because most of their mothers were right handed. Close and good answers.

Thanx for the visit, I was beginning to wonder if i should continue.

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